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1997 - 1999 Northern committee for swimming

1996 – 1999 Yarmouk University Team for Swimming

2008 Northern committee for Fins swimming

2009 Jordan Ferderation Committee of Fins swimming in Aqua Gulf

2009 Member Yarmouk University Team for Public Safety committee

2009 Referee in Prince Hassan Sport Award in Swimming

2009 Honour Treasury of Physical Education Department Counsel

2009 Member of WSCA-  World Swimming Coaches Association- Germany
Amman Hall and Sport City - Jordan

1994 Olympic Training course

Tuebingen/ Germany

2001 Level ”C” degree training course in  swimming

2004 Level ”B” degree training course in  swimming

2005 Level ”A” degree training course in  swimming
Hamburg – Harburg/ Germany

2004 Academic training Progam in Aqua Fitness (Levels “A”, “B” and “C”)

Stuttgart/ Germany

2003 Physical educational teaching supplementary course

2003 Yoga Training course

Reutlingen/ Germany

2003 Physical education course for physically handicapped

2004 Nordic Walking course

Ludwigshafen/ Germany

2004 Pain Inter-articular Therapy course

Ministry Of Youth and Sport - Amman/ Jordan

2006 – 2008 Lecturer for Safe Rescue and training in swimming

2008 Referee course in Fins Swimming

Aqaba/ Jordan

2008 Discovery Scuba and Scuba Diving
Professional Experience
Yarmouk University – Irbid/ Jordan 

1992 - 1996 Swimming Trainer and Academic Supervior at Physical Education Department

Al-Hasan Sport City – Irbid/ Jordan 

1996 -1999 Trainer and Referee in Swimming sport for Prince Hasan Award

Teubingen University/ Germany

2001 – 2004 Student Internship at Biomechanics Lab at University of Tuebingen

TSG Reutlingen/ Germany

2001 - 2004 Youth Swimming Trainer

2003 – 2005 Physical Trainer for Treatment of Rheumatism

2001 – 2005 Lecturer and Aqua fitness trainer in the field of Swimming for youth and adults

Yarmouk University – Irbid/ Jordan 

Since 2005 Assistant Professor in Faculty of Physical Education

2006 Youth Swimming Trainer (Class A)

2011 Associate Professor of the Faculty of Physical Education at Yarmouk University in Irbid - Jordan
2013 Vice President- the royal Jordanian Marine Sports Federation