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welcome to my web page.

. يعقوب علي حسن حمام


Dr. Yacoub Ali Hasan Hamam

Associate Professor

Physics Department - Faculty of Science

 Yarmouk University

 21163 Irbid, Jordan.

Tel: +962-2-721-1111 - Ext 2308




Curriculum Vita


Name:                    Dr. Yacoub Ali Hasan Hamam
Rank:                         Associate Professor
Date of birth:            July 15, 1945
Place of birth:           Lydda
Nationality:             Jordanian
Marital status:         Married
Address:                 Department of Physics,
                              Yarmouk University,
                              Irbid 211-63,
                              Tel. +962-2-7211111 ext. 2308 (Office)
                              Fax. +962-2-7211117





1973-1978:  Ph.D. University of Durham (Great Britain)
              In:  High Energy Physics (Elementary Particl Interactions)
Thesis Title: Cross-Sections for Charged Channels in K-P     
                   Interactions between 1470 & 1550 MeV CM Energy.
1964-1968:  B.Sc. Ain Shams University / Cairo-Egypt
             In:   Physics Major
     G.P.A.:      87.27% (First Honor)
.......-1964:   General Secondary Certificate
                    Salahyia Secondary School
2013-Now: Associate Professor, Department of Physics,  
                 Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan.
2012- 2013: Associate Professor, School of Natural Resources   
                       Engineering and Management
, German-Jordanian 
                   University, ma'daba-Jordan
(On Sabbatical from 
                   Yarmouk University).
2008-2012: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, 
                  Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan.
2007-2008: Associate Professor, College of Pure and Applied 
                  Sciences, German-Jordanian University, Amman-
(On Sabbatical from Yarmouk University).  
2005-2007: Associate Professor, Department of Physics, 
                  Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan.
2002-2005: Associate professor, Department of Science, Ibri 
                  Educational Colledge,  
                  Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman.
1999-2002: Associate Professor, Department of Physics,
                  Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan
1991-1999: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics,
                      Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan
1988-1991:  Assistant Professor, Department of Physics,
                   Um-Alqura University, Mekkah, Saudi Arabia
                   (Leave without pay from Yarmouk University)
1987- 1988: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics,
                   Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan
1986- 1987: Visiting Assistant Professor,
                   Department of Physics, University of Durham, 
                   Durham- England, U.K
                   (On Sabbatical from Yarmouk University)
1979- 1986: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics,
                   Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan
1973- 1978:  A Ph.D. student at Durham University, England,U.K.
1968- 1973: Teaching Assistant, Physics Department, Riyadh 
                   University, (presently King Saud University) Riyadh, 
                   Saudi Arabia.
Courses Taught:
Physics 101     General Physics (I); Mechanics
Physics 102     General Physics (II); Electricity and Magnetism
Physics 103     General Physics (III); Waves and Optics
Physics 251     Modern Physics (I)
Physics 281A  Geometrical optics
Physics 332     Electromagnetic Theory (I)
Physics 441     Nuclear Physics (I)
Experimental Courses:
Physics 105, 106, and 107 Freshman general physics labs.
Physics 221 Geometrical Optics Lab
Physics 225 Classical Physics Lab
Physics 322 Intermediate (Modern Physics) lab.
There are other courses which I have taught while on leave without pay such as:
Laser Physics, Geometrical and Physical Optics, Atomic Physics and Interaction of Particles 
Committees Membership (Yarmouk University):
Representative of Department (Faculty of Science Council)
Library and Computer committee (Physics Department)
Curriculum committee (Physics Department)
Laboratory committee (Physics Department)
Curriculum committee (Faculty of Science)
Participation of Scientific Meetings: 
1)     First Symposium on Computational Condensed Matter 
     Physics, CTAPS, Yarmouk University, 16-18 Nov.1992.
2)    Second Symposium on Computational Condensed Matter 
    Physics, CTAPS, Yarmouk University, 6-8 Nov.1995.
3) Second Symposium on Magnetics, CTAPS, Yarmouk University, 
    4-6 Nov.1996.
4) Third Symposium on Magnetics, CTAPS, Yarmouk University,
    2-4 Nov. 1998.
5) Sixth Petra School of Physics, Irbid-Jordan (1998)
6) Fourth Symposium on Magnetics, CTAPS, Yarmouk University,
    6-8 Nov. 2000.
7) Second Regional Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting 
    Materials (MSM01), Yarmouk University, 9-13 Sep. 2001.
Publication List:
 [1] “Kaon Scattering and Charged Sigma Hyperon Production in
       K- P Interactions below 300 MeV/c.”
       J.Ciborowski, J. Gwizdz, D. Keilczewska, R.J. Nowak, E.   
       Rondio, J.A. Zakrzewski, M. Goossens, G. Wilquet, N.H. 
       Bedford, D. Evans, G.P. Fleming, Y.A. Hamam, J.V. Major, 
       J.H. Bartley, D.H. Davis, D.J. Miller, D.N. Tovee and T. 
       Tymieniecka. J. Phys. G: Nucl. Phys. 8 (1982) 13.
[2]  “O(5)XU(1) Electroweak Gauge Theory and the Neutrino 
       Oscillations in Matter.”
       Y.A. Hamam and M. Samiullah. Inter. Jour. Of Theor. Phys. 
       Vol. 27,
No.1 (1988) 37.    
[3] “The Use of Polaris Seeing Monitor to Measure Atmospheric 
      Seeing at La Palma.”
      C.N. Dunlop, Y.A. Hamam and J.V. Major. Mon. Not. R. Astr. 
      Soc. 236 (1989) 875.
[4]  “Local Environmental Effects in Fe(Al,Co) System.”
       I. Abu-Aljarayesh, M.R. Said and Y.A. Hamam. Solid State 
       Commun., Vol. 99, No. 8 (1996). 567. 
[5] “Magnetic Proprties of Fe3O4 Fine Particles: Time Dependence 
      and M
össbauer Spectroscopy.”
      Adnan Ismail, Mohammad Said, Yacoub Hamam, Abdel- 
      Fatah Lehlooh and Ibrahim Abu-Aljarayesh.
Abhath Al- 
      Yarmouk, Pure Science and Engineering Series, Vol. 5, No. 2 
      (1996) 63.
[6] “Magnetic Properties of Fe(AlCo) System.”
     Y.A. Hamam, M.R. Said, J. Shobaki and I. Abu-Aljarayesh. 
       Mu’tah Journal for Research and Studies, Natural and   
       Applied Sciences Series, Vol. 11, No. 4 (1996) 67.
[7] “Magnetization Study of HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+d High Temperature  
      I. Abu-Aljarayesh, Y.A. Hamam and M.R. Said. Supercond. 
      Sci. and Technol., Vol. 10 (1997) 290.    
[8] “Critical Exponent of (Fe,Mn)3Si.”
      M.R. Said, Y.A. Hamam, I. Abu-Aljarayesh and S. Mahmood. 
      J. Magn. Magn. Matt., Vol. 195 (1999) 679
[9] “A Study of the Magnetic Behavior of the System FeAl1-xMnx.”
      M. R. Said, Y. A. Hamam, S. H. Mahmood and I. Abu-
      Aljarayesh. Mu'tah Lil-Buhuth wad-Dirasat, Natural and 
      Applied Sciences Series, Vol. 15, No. 1 (2000), pp.93-102.
[10] “Scaling Behavior of Al-Doped YBCO Laser Ablated Thin 
        M. Saleh, Y.A. Hamam, M.R. Said, M. Abu-Samrah and I. 
        Abu-Aljarayesh. Supercond. Sci. and Technol., Vol. 13
        (2000) 1607-1611.
[11] “Magnetic relaxation in aligned Fe3O4 fine particles.”
        M. R. Said, Y. A. Hamam, A. O. Ismail and I. Abu-
Proceedings of the first regional conference on 
        magnetic and superconducting materials (MSM-99), Vol. B. 
        Edited by M. Akhavan,J. Jensen and K. Kitazawa (World 
        Scientific, Singapore) 2000, p. 1115- 1121.

[12] “Magntocaloric Effect in Ba- and Sr-hexaferrites.”

       Y. A. Hamam, M.R. Said and I. Abu-Aljarayesh.Physica B, 
       Vol. 321(2002) 129-132.

[13] “Magnto-caloric Effects in Fe50Mn15Ni35.”

        M.R. Said, Y. A. Hamam, and I. Abu-Aljarayesh. J. Magn. 
            Magn. Matt., Vol. 284 (2004) 161-164.

 [14] Magnetic Behavior of Polycarbosilazane-FeII, -FeIII and Mixed-valence -FeII-III   
         Chloride Metallopolymers.
         Y.A. Hamam, H. El-Ghanem, I. Arafa, M.R. Said, I. Abu-Aljarayesh.
         Journal of Polymer International volume 56: 376-380 (2007).
 [15] Spin Glass behavior in Complexes of iron doped 
        coordinated Polymers.”
          Khalil A. Ziq, Hasan El-Ghanem, I. Arafa and Y. A. Hamam.
          Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 354, Issues
        12-13, 15 February (2008),   
        Pages 1386-1388.
 [16] “Effect of Iron Addition on the Magnetization Measurements 
        on the Normal State Y123 Superconducting system.”
        Khitam Khasawinah,  Abdel-Rauf Al- Dairy  
 Yaqoub Hamam. Abhath Al- Yarmouk, Pure Science 
        and Engineering Series, Vol. 17, No. 1(A) (2008)   43-50.
 [17] Partial Substitution Effects on the Structure and Electrical 
        Properties of the High Temperature Superconducting 
        System Bi2-x Tlx Ba2-y Sry Ca2 Cu3 O10+δ
        A. El Ali (Al-Dairy), A. D. Alazawi , Y. A. Hamam,  and K. 
 Jordan Journal of Physics, Vol. 1,No. 1 (2008) 
 [18] Magnetic Properties of Barium Titanate-Barium Ferrite 
        K. Khasawinah, Y. A. Hamam, A. El Ali (Al-Dairy),  and A. 
Jordan Journal of Physics, Vol. 1, No. 2 (2008). pp. 
 [19] Effect of Sintering and Annealing Temperatures on the 
        Critical Temperature and Electrical Resistivity of 
        Y. A. Hamam, A. El Ali (Al-Dairy), Kareem D. Alazawi, and  
       S. M. Mamand.
Jordan Journal of Physics, Vol. 2, No. 3 
       (2009). pp. 165-170
 [20] Magnetic properties of CoII, CoIII and CoII−III coordinated to a 
            carbosilazane-based polymer
            Y. A. Hamam, H. M. EL-Ghanem, I. M. Arafa, Kh. A. Ziq and M. R. Said.
        Jordan Journal of  Physics. Accepted for publication.   

Other Activities:

  [1] Attending A School on High Energy Physics at ICTP, Trieste-Italy (Summer  
  [2] Prepared lab manuals for first year physics students, Yarmouk University.

  [3] “An Analysis of Stellar Movements Using IPCS Data.”

        D.S. Brown, Y. A. Hamam, J.V. Major, R.M. Myers, A.Purvis and M.G.  
       Thompson. A report to the Royal Greenwich Observatory (30 September 1986)


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