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Welcome to my site!

Yousef Musallam AbuAddous

Vice-President for Quality & Centers

Yarmouk University/ Jordan(22/8/2016- Present)

1. Dean of the Faculty of Arts / Yarmouk University and Secretary General of the Society of Arab Universities’ Faculties of Arts (13/9/2015-21/8/2016).

2. President of Zarqa University, Jordan, (15/08/2010 – 15/18/2013).

3. Dean of Scientific Research and Higher Studies, Zarqa University (2010-2011).

3.Chairman/ Arabic Language and Literature Department (1995-1997).

4. Ph.D. from Britain (1984).

5. Professor, Department of Arabic Language, Yarmouk University (1984-now).

6. Professor/ Department of Arabic, Qatar University, 2007-2009 (On leave from         Yarmouk University).

7. Ranked first among Department of Arabic BA graduates, Jordan University, 1977.

8. Ranked first among Department of Arabic MA graduates, Jordan University, 1979.

9. Ranked fifth in Tawjihi (High School National Exam) graduates in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with a GPA of 90.6% in 1973.

10. Won a number of awards:

a. The Award of AbdulazizSoudal-Babteen for poetic innovation (Literary Criticism), 2014.

b. AbdulhamidShoman’s Award for Young Arab Scholars,1990.

11. Authored more than (55) books and refereed papers and reviews.

12. Supervised more than (40) MA and Ph.D. theses and dissertations and served as a reader on the examining committees of over 100 theses and dissertations.

13. Participation in over (50) national, regional, and international scholarly conferences in both Arabic and English.

14. Mastery of English and Computer skills.

15. Some of his books are taught at a number of universities.

16. Chosen to be among a A.B.I: Great Minds of the 21st Century Publication (2009), USA.

17. Editor-in-chief,Zarqa Journal for Research and Human Studies (Refereed Scientific Journal) 1/9/2010-15/8/2013.

18.Editor-in-chief, Association of Arab Universities Journal for Arts(Sept 2015-2016).

19. Won European Union Tempus Grant for the Project “Intellectual Ownership Rights” for three years (2013-2016).  The full amount allocated to winning universities is (970) thousand Euros.

20. Promoted to the rank of Full Professor: 10/12/1996 /Associate Professor: 1/5/1989. To see My CV in both Arabic and English follow the links below: 


______ __________ ____________ eng____________ ______________ 2011.pdf______ __________ ____________ eng____________ ______________ 2011.pdf


 السيرة الذاتية للدكتور يوسف أبو العدوس 2 11 2014.pdfالسيرة الذاتية للدكتور يوسف أبو العدوس 2 11 2014.pdf



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