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Academic and Administrative Experiences
Experience as Director General of Department of Antiquities of Jordan(2010-)

As Director General of the Department of Antiquities, I am dirctly responsible of the following files:

• Develop and implement the Department of Antiquities Strategic plan
• Develop and implement human resources management plan of the Department
• Fiscal and financial oversight of the Department of Antiquities
• Planning, policies and procedures relevant to the excavation, interpretation,  conservation, safeguarding  and management of Jordan’s cultural heritage.
• Supervise and monitor the Department’s effort in the fields of excavation, interpretation, conservation and management of Jordan’s cultural heritage.
• Coordinating projects and training activities organized in coordination with international organizations.
Academic and Administrative Experiences
Experiences as Vice President (2007-2010)
1-Vice President of the German-Jordanian University

German-Jordanian University is a newly established state university with a strong German dimension.  My position as a Vice President enables me to provide  central leadership for all of the university's research, creative activity and scholarly endeavors. 
I have gained significant experience by leading and managing many important files at the university including academic and research and development. I am directly involved in:

• Campus-wide strategic planning and research development;
• Central Tendering (Head of the University Committee).
• Curricula development (Head of the University committee)
• Quality Assurance and Accreditation (Head of the University Committee)
• Facility planning and fundraising;
• Faculty recruitment, promotion and retention;
• Diversity and student engagement;
• Government relations, community engagement, and economic development.
Academic and Administrative Experiences
2-Vice President for Research, Development and International Affairs. Yarmouk University (March 2010-July 2010)

I was assigned with the following tasks during my service as Vice President
• Develop and articulate the long-term vision and strategic plan for the university including the implementation plan.
• Responsible for research administration including the establishment and implementation of research policies and procedures, facilitation and stimulation of research productivity
• Responsible for developing and implementing new research at the University, and developing and enhancing collaborative and interdisciplinary research programs.
• Secure new research funding.
• Oversee centers that report to the Office of the Vice President for Research.
• Develop the university academic quality assurance policies and plans.
Academic and Administrative Experiences
Experiences as Dean of a Faculty (1999-2007)

I served as dean of Faculty in two state  universities, Yarmouk University and Al-Hussein Bin Talal University. My responsibilities were to oversee all academic and administrative affairs of the faculty. Those include:
•fostering high quality teaching in the Faculty;

•handling a range of student matters that include academic standing, examiners, appeals and misconduct, credit transfer and awards;
• developing and implementing an academic plan and performance indicators for the Faculty and achieve relevant targets;
•leading the Faculty's international strategy.
• fostering high quality research training programs and environment in the Faculty;

• fostering the Faculty's strong engagement with internal and external communities; and developing partnering and cooperation opportunities for the Faculty by engaging with local, national and international communities and bodies.
Academic Experiences
- Professor :Department of Architectural Conservation/Faculty of Architecture/German Jordanian University.2007-Present

- Professor Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology/Yarmouk University 2000-Present.

- Associate Prof. Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology, Yarmouk University 1996-2000.

- Assistant Prof.Department of Archaeology, Yarmouk University. 1992-1996.

- Visiting Lecturer  of Archaeological Conservation Camberwell College, London Institute, UK 1990-1992.

- Full-Time Teaching Assistant Department of Chemistry, Yarmouk University 1986-1989.
Experience with Higher Education Reform:
1-I have actively participated in the  Higher Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy(HERfKE) project by contributing to various committees of the project including University Finance Committee, University Governance Committee, and Quality assurance Committee. I have also contributed to the development of the guidelines and implementation of the Competitive Fund, a core component for institutional and program development.   

2-I have been involved since 2002 with the EU  Bologna process for Higher Education Reform. I took several training courses on various aspects of the Bologna Process such as quality assurance, learning outcomes, faculty and student mobility and university governance and funding. Since 2007 I was nominated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and appointed by EU as  a National Expert on Higher Education Reform. My work included organizing seminars and workshops on issues related to improvement of the quality of university programs and management systems.
Project Management Experience
I have over 15 years experience in two types of projects:

1-Research projects
2-Higher Education Development Projects

I have gained a rich experience in various aspects of projects management.  This includes planning, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects. 
Experience with Tempus Program
1. Coordinator of two Tempus projects:
-TEMPUS Project “Establishing a Teaching Centre for Cultural Heritage (ETCH)”
-Tempus Project “Establishment of A Master Degree in Archaeometry at Yarmouk University, Jordan”

2. Group leader in the Tempus project:
“Rehabilitation of Historic Islamic Cities

3. Leader of the team of experts that conducted the Tempus Impact Study in the Mashreq Region, 2006. The study was contracted by European Training Foundation (ETF).

4. Participation in the Tempus proposals evaluation in the years, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. The assessment were held in Brussels and organized by the European Training Foundation ETF.

5. Giving presentations about Tempus program at various Jordanian universities.
Specific skills related to research projects initiation and management:
-Initiate projects and write proposals.

-Manage project scope, timelines, budgets, and deliverables.   
-Work independently and leads analysis on large and complex projects.

-Create and execute project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.

-Analyze projects impacts (I conducted the impact study
of Tempus program in the Mashreq Region, 2006)

-Work with  stakeholders in gathering system requirements and devising solution strategies.

-Communicate project  results to stakeholders and the general public.

Below is a summary of project coordination and management:

1.Coordinator and grant holder of Fourteen EU Funded research projects in the field of conservation and management of cultural heritage.

2.Coordinator of three Tempus institutional building and higher education reform projects.

3.Coordinator of a World Bank funded project in higher education development.

4.Coordinator of the conservation component of the national project” Earthquake Hazards and methods of alleviating their impacts”, a project funded by The Higher Council for Science and Technology.

5.Coordinator of the cultural heritage component of the USAID funded project” The Northern Jordan Tourism Development Plan”, a project jointly done by Yarmouk University and University of Arkansas.

6.Co-Director of the field excavations of the archaeological site of Tell Johfiya, Northern Jordan, a project jointly conducted by Yarmouk University and the German Protestant Institute of archaeology.

7.Director of the research component of the project of the preservation and restoration of the monuments of Petra, a project funded by the German Agency of Technical Corporation (GTZ) and conducted  by Yarmouk University jointly with  the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, The Hashemite University and  Higher Council for Science and Technology.

  Selected Consultation Reports and Studies
1. Conservation of the Stone Monuments of Petra: A Laboratory and Field testing Program for the Evaluation of Stone Consolidants, A Report Submitted to the Higher Council for Science and Technology, Jordan, 1999.

2. Evaluation of the Earthquakes Hazards on Cultural Heritage and Methods to Mitigate their Impact, A Report Submitted to the Royal Scientific Society, Jordan, 2001.

3. Innovative techniques for conservation of ancient textiles, A report submitted to EU. 2004.

4. New methods for the conservation of copper-based artifacts, A report submitted to EU, 2005.

5. Touirism Development Plan for Northern Jordan, A report submitted to USAID, 2005.

6. Conservation and Management Plan of cultural heritage sites: A report submitted to EU, 2006.
Membership of Editorial Boards or Referee ship for works submitted for Publication
(1)-Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Cultural Heritage, A Referred Multidisciplinary Journal of Sciences and Technology for Conservation and Awareness, Published by Elsevier, France, 1998-till now.

(2)-Editor-in-Chief of  Yarmouk Numismatics, A referred Journal Published by Yarmouk University, 1999-2006.

(3)-Member of the Editorial Board of the  Scientific Journals International

(4)-Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Review of Mediterranean Heritage".

 (5)-A Referee for a number of national and international journals in the fields of archaeology, conservation and archaeometry. This includes Journal of Archaeological Science, World Archaeology, Dirasat, Damascus University Journal and others.
Organization of Events and Exhibitions
1. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Sixth International Conference of Forum UNESCO-University on Heritage which was held at Yarmouk University under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II for the period 12-17/12/2001 with participation of 300 scholars from 41 countries.

2. Chairman of the committee that was responsible for the design and implementation of the Numismatics Hall at the Museum of Jordanian Heritage which was inaugurated in 2001 by His Majesty the King.

3. Direct involvement in the design and implementation of a number of temporary museum exhibits which have been organized by the museum of Jordanian Heritage at Yarmouk University, Amman Municipality and a number of schools across Jordan.

4. Contribution to the following exhibitions about Jordan:
-Petra-Rediscovered: Lost City of the Nabateans, organized by Department of Antiquities of Jordan in cooperation with Cincinnati Art Museum, USA,  2002
“Faces of the orient” An exhibition about Jordan organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in cooperation with the Pergamon Museum-Berlin, 2004.

5. Chairman of the organizing committee of the EU funded workshop on conservation of copper-based objects which was held at Yarmouk University in 2005 with participation of 45 scholars from 13 European and Mediterranean countries.

6. Chairman of the EU sponsored workshop on the use of distance learning in the conservation and management of Mediterranean cultural heritage which was organized at Yarmouk University in 2004 with participation of 30 scholars from 12 European and Mediterranean countries

7. Organization of over 20 conferences, workshops and seminars in the fields of musicology, conservation of cultural heritage, cultural resources management, cultural tourism, archaeology and anthropology in the period 2000-2006. Most of these activities were organized at regional and international levels in cooperation with interested national and international organizations.