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AttachmentGeomorphological and geological constraints on the development of Early Bronze chert industries at the northern rim of the Al Jafr Basin, Southern JordanNizar Abu-Jaber, Ziad al Saad and Mohammad al Qudah MEDITERRANEAN ARCHAEOLOGY & ARCHAEOMETRY92009
AttachmentEvaluation of Cellulose Acetate and Chitosan Used for the Treatment of Historical PapersZIAD AL-SAAD and  GOMAA ABDEL-MAKSOUDMEDITERRANEAN ARCHAEOLOGY & ARCHAEOMETRYVol.92009
AttachmentSoils and Land Use in the Decapolis Region (Northern Jordan). Implications for Landscape Development and the Impact of Climate Change. Lucke, B., al-Saad, Z., Schmidt, M., Bäumler, R., Lorenz, S.-O., Udluft, P., Heußner, K.-U., Walker, B.,ZDPVVol.124/2,  P.171-188.2008
Preventive Conservation of the Coloured Objects in the Museum of Jordanian HeritageAbdel-Kareem, O., and Al-Saad, Z.The International Conference on Technology and Conservation of Ancient Artworks, November 26-27, 2008, Fez, Morocco. 2008
Water Systems of the Decapolis (Northern Jordan) and their Relation to the Landscape during the Hellenistic and Roman PeriodsBernhard Lucke, Michael Schmidt, Zial Al-Saad et Rupert Bäumler E. Hermon (éd.). L'eau comme patrimoine. De la Méditerranée à l'Amérique du Nord. Québec, Presses de l'Université Laval, , pp.223-236. Collection "Patrimoine en mouvement".  pp.223-236.2008
Tall Johfiyeh. Preliminary report on the 2004 and 2007 seasonsLamprichs, R. and al-Saad, Z. Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (ADAJ) 52, Amman.Vol.522008
Tell Johfiyeh, in Savage, S.H., Zamora, K.A. and Keller, D.R. (eds.), Archaeology in JordanLamprichs, R. and al-Saad, Z. Special edition of the American Journal of Archaeology (AJA) 112.Vol.112in press
Stable Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of the Animal Tooth Enamel from the LateAbdullah Shorman, Ziad al-Saad and Roland LamprichsUgarit-Forschungen, vol. 39.2008
 THE IMPACT OF DROUGHT IN THE LIGHT OF CHANGING SOIL PROPERTIES,Bernhard Lucke, Iourii Nikolskii, Michael Schmidt, Rupert Bäumler, Norbert Nowaczyk and Ziad al-Saad.Nova Sc2008
Conservation plan for Abila archaeological site - Northern Jordan, Al-Naddaf M., Al-Saad Z.Mediterranean Archaeology & Archaeometry,  Vol. 7No.2, 52-61.2007
Preparing of Artificial Aged Dyed Textile Samples Simulated to Museum Dyed TextilesAbdel-Kareem, O., and Al-Saad, Z.,26th Meeting of Dyes in History and Archaeology, Vienna, 7th till 10th November 2007.2007
Investigation of Artificially Aged Dyed Textiles Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Photodiode Array Detection (HPLC-PDA), Al-Saad, Z., and Abdel-Kareem, O., In: 26th Meeting of Dyes in History and Archaeology, Vienna, 7th till 10th November 2007.2007
Landscape Transformation in the Decapolis Region (Northern Jordan)– A Critical Re-examination of a Paradigm.Lucke, B., Bäumler, R., Schmidt, M., al-Saad, Z.,Ooghe, B., Verhoeven, G. (eds.), Broadening Horizons, Multidisciplinary Approaches to Landscape Study, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 30-49. p.30-49. 2007
Provenance of Marble from Petra, Ziad al-Saad and Nizar Abu Jaber, the proceedings of the10th International Conference on the History & Archaeology of Jordan. Washington DC, 21-28/5/ 2007.2007
Conservation of the Traditional Architecture: A case Study from the Village of Samad/Nothern Jordan, Ziad al-Saad and Asma KhaliliThe Proceedings of the  1st Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference: Traditional Mediterranean Architecture Present and Future, Barcelona, 12-15 July 2007P.465-468.2007
AttachmentTraditional Building Techniques in Northern Jordan from 1850-1950” Ziad al-Saad and Fandi Waked the Proceedings of the  1st Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference: Traditional Mediterranean Architecture Present and Future, Barcelona, 12-15 July 2007.2007
AttachmentCorrosion behavior and preservation of Islamic Silver CoinsZiad Al-Saad and Manar Bani Hani,International Conference on Conservation Strategies for Saving Indoor Metallic Collections (CSSIM), Cairo-Egypt 25/ 2–1 3, 20072007
Conservation Strategy of Metal Embroidery Threads in Textile Objects in Museum of Jordanian HeritageZiad Al-Saad and Omar Abdel-KareemInternational Conference on Conservation Strategies for Saving Indoor Metallic Collections (CSSIM), Cairo- Egypt 25/ 2–1 3, 20072007
“Innovative protection systems for large collection of metal artefacts conserved in the Mediterranean basin – PROMET”  Christian Degrigny and Ziad al Saad7th EC conference Safeguarded Cultural Heritage - Understanding & Viability for the Enlarged Europe, Prague, 31 may-3June 20062006
Large scale investigation of chemical composition, structure and corrosion mechanism of bronze archeological artifacts from Mediterranean basin, G.M. Ingo and Z. al-Saad.Appl. Phys. A 83, 513–520A 83, P.513–5202006
Museum Environmental Control  as a Tool for Preventive Conservation: Museum of Jordanian Heritage as a Case StudyZiad Al-saad and Tammam KhasawnehInter Build 13th International Conference for Building and Construction, Cairo-Egypt,P. 51-69.2006
AttachmentAnalyses of Patterns of Copper and Lead Mineralization in Human Skeletons from An Ancient Mining and Smelting Centre in the Jordanian Desert: A Reconnissance Study, J. Grattan, L. Abu Karaki, D. Hine, H. Toland, D. Gilberson, Z. Al-Saad, and B. Pyat. Mineralogical Magazine, Vol. 69(5), P.653-666.2005
The Past as a Key for the Future: Mutual Dependencies of Land Use, Soil Development, Climate and Settlement", Al-Saad, Z. / B. Lucke / M. Schmidt / R. Bäumler,Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference 'Water for Life in the Middle East', 10. – 14.10.2004, Antalya, Turkey; Springer Verlag,2005
Examination of colluvial sediments in the theatre of Beit Ras (ancient Capitolias) in Northern Jordan and implications for erosion patterns after the 749 AD earthquake. Bäumler, R. / B. Lucke,  Z. al-Saad  M. Schmidt,Quaternary International, (Elsvier).2005
Land Use Systems and Soil Genesis around Tell Zera'a and Abila of the Decapolis. Lucke, B. / Z. al-Saad / M. Schmidt / R. Bäumler / S. O. Lorenz / P. Udluft,  Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins (ZDPV).2005
AttachmentThe Decapolis region (Northern Jordan) as historical example of desertification? Evidence from soil development and distribution. Schmidt, M. / B. Lucke / R. Bäumler / Z. al-Saad / B. al-Qudah / A. Hutcheon, Proceedings of the 1st Joint Meeting of ICSU and IGCP 490, 04. – 18.01.2004, Mauritania, Special Issue of Quaternary Internat2005
 Color and 'Technological Choice' in Copper Alloys: A Case from Northern Jordan, Ziad Al-Saad and Kory CooperJournal of Mediterranean Archaeologyv.23(2), p.160-185.2005
AttachmentThe abandonment of the Decapolis region in Northern Jordan— forced by environmental change?B.Lucke a,, M. Schmidt, Z. al-Saad, O. Bens, Reinhard F. Hu,Quaternary International (Elsevier) v.135, p.65-81. 2005
Zur Sicherung des jordanischen kulturebes-Herausforderungen und notwendige mabnahmenZiad al-Saad,Gesichter des Orients, 10,000 jahre Kunst und Kulture aus Jordanien, Philipp Von Zabern, Berlin, 2004
Attachment'Death . . . more desirable than life'? The human skeletal record and toxicological implications of ancient copper mining and smelting in Wadi Faynan, southwestern Jordan, Grattan J.; Huxley S.; Karaki L.A.; Toland H.; Gilbertson D.; Pyatt B.; Saad Z.A.,Toxicology and Industrial Health.vol. 18, iss. 6, pp. 297-307(11) Arnold.2004
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