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Research Interest
Research Interest:
My research interest generally concentrates on the areas of conservation and scientific analysis of archaeological materials. I have a particular interest in the conservation and stabilization of organic and inorganic cultural materials with special focus on those exhibited at museums. I have been actively involved in the preservation and conservation of spectacular stone-carved monuments of the Nabatean city of  Petra.  I have been conducting a laboratory and field testing and evaluation program of stone conservation materials.
In addition to conservation, I have a research interest and activities in the field of application of various scientific techniques in the study of various types of archaeological materials such as metals, glass and ceramics. I am particularly interested in analyzing Roman, Byzantine and Islamic archaeological materials. Various types of scientific techniques such as Microscopy, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, X-Ray Fluorescence, Mossbauer Spectroscopy and others have been utilized. The results obtained from these analyses have been used to obtain inferences about provenance and ancient manufacturing techniques. Recently I have had the opportunity to get training in the fields of Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Data Base Management and the applications of these techniques in archaeology. The use of information technology in the effective management of cultural resources is an area of priority for future research.
In addition tomy  research activities in my field of specilization, I have been very much involved in projects centered on higher education reform and modernization of teaching and lerning methods.   He is currently serving as a Bologna Higher Education Expert in Jordan and is actively involved in assisting institutional implementation of reforms in higher education through materials, case studies, and training seminars which provide a European dimension and a comparative perspective.