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AttachmentCM 230 Detioration of Cultural Heritage
CM 112 Introduction to Conservation science
CM 113 Introduction to Conservation Chemistry
CM 114 Introduction to museum studies
CM 202 Archaeological material science
CM 210 First aid for archaeological finds
CM 340 Conservation of metals 1
CM 440 Conservation of metals 2
CM 430 Conservation of Textile, leather and parchment
CM 404 Conservation Theory
CM 610 Cultural Resources Management: Theories and Methods
CM 406 Theory of Conservation
Arch. 407 Archaeology: Methods and Techniques
Arch 636 Numismatics Techniques
Arch 640 Conservation of Coins
Arch 634 Scientific Analysis of Islamic Numismatics
Arch 666 Islamic Metallurgy
Arch. 692- Archaeogeology
Arch. 691- Museum Studies
Arch. 690-Applied Sciences in Archaeology
Arch. 689- Application of Geographic Information System (GIS ) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in archaeology
Arch. 688-Ancient Technology
Arch.687- Conservation and Preservation of Archaeological Materials (II)
Arch. 686-Material Science for Archaeologists
Arch. 685-Archaeometallurgy
Arch. 684-Conservation and Preservation of Archaeological Materials (I)
Arch. 682-Modern Methods of Locating and Dating of Archaeological Sites and Remains
Arch. 683-Scientific Analysis of Archaeological materials
Arch 405 Introduction to Applications of Science in Archaeology
CM 220 heritage Legislation and Policy
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