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Chemical and Typological Study of a Collection of Copper-Based Coins of Bilad al-ShamNayef GoussouosArchaeology1995Published
An Analytical Study of Byzantine Bronze Coins in the Period 491-668 ADRaied Malkawi,1996Not Published
Typological and chemical Analysis of a Collection of Islamic Painted PotteryThia Tawalbeh1996Not Published
The State of Preservation of Copper and Copper-Based Alloys Artifacts Exhibited at Jordanian MuseumsAriaf al-Roussan1996Not Published
Scientific Analysis of Neolithic Pottery Excavated from Abu-Thawab, Sanna Batineh,1996Not Published
Petrographic and Thermal Analysis of a Collection of Neolithic Pottery from Wadi Shuieb, Raideh Qurran1996Not Published
Ancient Mortars Used By the Nabateans in Petra: Its Characteristics and Problems, Mai al-Shaer,1996Published
Consolidation of Sandstone: A Case Study from Petra,Fandi al-Waked, 1996Not Published
Early Metallurgy in the Jordan Valley: A Case Study from Wadi Hamah,Yosheh Abd al-salam,1997Not Published
The Effect of Composition on the deterioration of Early Ummayad Copper Coins, Ahmad Obiedat, 1997Published
Evaluation of the Conservation Treatment of the Archaeological Site of AylahAbd al-Raheem Hannon1997Not Published
Conservation and Restoration of Pottery from Yasileh (In Arabic), Hamiedh Ohideh,Conservation 1997Published
Petrographic and Thermal Analysis of Islamic Pottery Excavated from the Archaeological Site of Hyyan/MafraqHussam Abbas, Conservation1997Not Published
Chemical and Metallographic Analysis of  Metal Slags From Wadi Hamah, Jordan Valley,Yosheh al-Omari, 1999Not Published
A Survey of Natural Wood Species Used in Antiquity in Jordan, Linah Ababneh, Archaeology1998Not Published
Chemical Analysis of Glazed Pottery from Aiylah,Ayman AzzamConservation1998Not Published
Typological and Chemical Analysis of A Collection of Roman-Byzantine Glasses Excavated from Petra Church, Ftima Marii, Conservation1998Not Published
Preservation and Conservation of Ancient Copper and Copper Alloy Artifacts,Emad Frij,Conservation 1998Not Published
Provenance and Technology of Painted Nabatean Pottery From Khirbet Edh-Dharih SiteKhalid Shraim,1999Not Published
Chemical Analysis of Nabatean Dam Mortar in Petra,Rouba Al-Aseer, Conservation2000Not Published
Chemical and Petrographic Analysis of Roman Pottery from JerashDiana Haddad2000Not Published
The Deterioration and Conservation of Mosaics from Al-Bedieh Archaeological Site, Wasef HawarriConservation 2000Not Published
Chemical and Metallographic Analysis of Byzantine Copper-Based Objects Excavated from the Archaeological Sites of Saad and Yasileh,H. Cooper, 1999 University of Arkansas, USA.Not Published
Chemical Analysis of Glasses Excavated from the Archaeological Site of Hayan Al-Mushrif During the Islamic Period Hussien SabbabhehConservation1999Not Published
Chemical Analysis of the Nabatean Dams Mortar at Petra,Rubba Al-Asir, . Conservation1999Not Published
A Study of the Iron Smelting At Magaret el-Wardeh/Ajloun.Maram Issa, 2000Not Published
Study of the Manufacturing Technology of Byzantine Pottery from Beddieyeh. Fuad Syouf2000Not Published
The Scientific Analysis of A Collection of Abbasid Dirhems Minted at al-Abbasiya (152-196AH).Soulaf Bouaneh2001Not Published
Conservation and Restoration of the Nabatean Temple from the Archaeological Site of Khirbet Darieh, Murrad Qaieseh,Conservation 2001Not Published
Conservation of Traditional Architecture: The Case Study of SamadAssma Khalili,Conservation 2001Not Published
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