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1. Factors associated with patient’s Satisfaction for services provided by hospitals in JordanAhmad.AbdelHalimAbhath Al-Yarmouk Vol.2, .Yarmouk Universiyt1997
2. Factors affecting length of stay in Jordanian Hospitals. Abhath Al Yarmouk Ahmad Abdel-HalimAbhath Al-Yarmouk Vol.2.No.12Yarmouk University1996
3. Traits and Skills of Scientific Leaderships in Jordanian Universities. Ahmad Abdel-HalimMu’tah Journal Vol. 4Mu’tah University1996
4. Financial Analysis of Major Municipalities in Jordan,  Ahmad Abdel-Halim Abhath Al-Vol.3Yarmouk University1997
5. Job Satisfaction among Middle Managers in the Government Sectors in Jordan, , .Ahmad Abdel-HalimAbhath Al-Yarmouk Vol.11Yarmouk University1995
6. Unemployment in Mafraq Governorate, Analytical Field study, ..Ahmad Abdel-halimAbhath Al-YarmoukYarmouk University 1996
7. Effect of Personal Characteristics in the Creation of the Organizational Commitment for Employees Working in the Public Sector in Jordan, , .Ahmad Abdel-halimCenter for Jordanian StudiesCenter for Jordanian Studies1997
8. Causes and Motives, which may lead to Practice of Corruption in Jordanian Public Sectors  , Ahmad Abdel-HalimZagazig Commerce Collage /EgyptJanZagazig Commerce Collage/Egypt 2004
9. The level of medical Services at Refuges Camps (Empirical Study of client's attitudes Ghaza and Soof camps). Ahmad Abdel-HalimCenter for Jordanian Studies. Yarmouk University..Center for Jordanian Studies. Yarmouk University1997
10. Management of Hazardous Solid Wastes of Hospitals in Jordan: Irbid City as a case Study. Ahmad _Abdel-HalimThe Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India .Vol. XX111, July-2003
11. The level of Health Care Services Provided in Jordanian Public Hospitals ,Evaluation Study From physicians  Perspective.. Ahmad Abdel-HalimMu’tah  Journal .Vol. 16.No.6. Mu’tah University2001
12. Mangers’ Assessment of organization Climate in public heath care centers the case of Jordan Northern Governorate.Ahmad Abdel-Halim Damascus University journalDamascus University26/4/2006
13. Evaluation of Employees Performance in Jordan Civil Service Statue: a field Study: the Perspective of employees of the Ministry of interior in the Northern Governorate of Jordan. Ahmad Abdel-HalimDirassat – Administrator sciences Vol.34.No.1.Jordan University2007
14. Factors influencing the Rise of overhead costs of health Services case study of Al-Bashir Hospital and the Islamic Hospital. Ahmad Abdel-HalimDirassat – Administrator sciences Vol.31.No.1.Jordan University2004
15. Mangers’ Assessment of Organization Climate in Public Hospital of the Northern Region in Jordan Ahamd Abel-HalimDirassat  Vol. 34, No.1Jordan University2007.
16. Family Planning program and the Factors that affecting it. Irbid case study, Ahmad Abdel-HalimAbhath Al-Yarmouk, Vol.7, No.1 Yarmouk University2001.
17. The Importance of  Delegation and Transparences in Practicing Administrative and Innovation in Jordanian Public Sector as Perceived by Middle Management. Conference of Innovation and Economic and Administrative Transparences Ahmad Abdel-HalimConference of  Innovation and Economic and Administrative Transparences -Yarmouk University2006
18. The Attitude of Subordinates toward the Capacity of Public Sector Managers in Jordan of Active listening Skills.  .Ahmad Abdel-HalimJournal of ,Saudi Arabia King Saud University2006
19. Ababneh, Raed, Abdel Al-Halem, and Hayjneh, Amer, “The Role of Job Enrichment on Organizational Learning in Jordanian Health Care Sector”. Ahmad Abdel-Halimsent to Qatar University JournalQatar University 2008
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