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Welcome to your site!



Welcome to my website. 

My name is Amneh Al-Rawashdeh, I have a master and PhD in Higher Education  Administration and Leadership from New Mexico State University. U.S.I have been in the field of Education since 2006. 

I joined  in the department of Educational and Administration at Yarmouk University in 2015. I taught multiple post graduate courses including   : Organizational behavior in educationaAdm​isniation, School Administration, New trends in School AdministrationPracticum in School AdministrationEducational Supervision, Philosophy of Education, Economy of Education. I also taught undergraduate courses within the college of education including: Classroom management, Philosophy of Education, Education in Jordan    


 My teaching method is NOT lecture-based and does not intend to instruct or indoctrinate. It does not expect learners to memorize and regurgitate. Instead, my teaching expects learners to be thoughtful, inquisitive, and curious. My instruction is based on constructivist learning methods that emphasize students internalizing and building their own knowledge as they progress through the learning process in which I function as a mentor and facilitator not a spoon feeder. Based on my experience, I realized that learning and teaching occur successfully when students feel they are active learners inside the classroom, where they can ask, explore, and reflect on what they are learning.​

My research and scholarly experiences focus on: Educational Leadership and Administration, Gender Studies in Higher Education, Higher Education Reform and Development. 

You are welcome to reach me at:

Thanks for visiting my website. 





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