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50. Changes in the Invasion Rate of Prosopis juliflora and Its Impact on Depletion of Groundwater in the Northern Part of the United Arab EmiratesHowari H, Sharma M, Nazzal Y, El-Keblawy A, Mir S, Xavier C, Ben Salem I, Al-Taani A.A, Alaydaroos FPlants11(5), 6822022
49. Preparation of H3PO4 modified Sidr biochar for the enhanced removal of ciprofloxacin from waterIqbal J, Hajeri B, Shah N. S, Wilson K, Xavier C, Shaalan J, Al-Taani A.A., Howari F, Nazzal Y.International Journal of PhytoremediationTaylor and Francis2022
48. Corrigendum to" Efficient removal of phenol compounds from water environment using Ziziphus leaves adsorbent"[Sci. Total Environ. vol. 761, 20 March 2021, 143229].Al Bsoul A, Hailat M , Abdelhay A, Tawalbeh M, AlOthman A, Al-kharabsheh I and Al-Taani A.ASci. Total EnvironElsevier2022
47. Groundwater scarcity in the Middle EastAl-Taani AA, Nazzal Y and Howari FBook-Global Groundwater163-175Elsevier2021
46. Contamination assessment of heavy metals in soil, Liwa area, UAEAl-Taani AA, Nazzal Y and Howari F et al.Toxics9, 532021
45. Exploring the potential of nano zerovalent copper modified biochar for the removal of ciprofloxacin from waterIqbal J, Shah N, Sayed M, Khan J, Imran M, Khan Z, Niazi N, Al-Taani A. A, Howari F, Nazzal Y.Environ. Nanotechnol. Monit. Manag.16: 100604Elsevier2021
44. Study of Atmospheric Pollution and Health Risk Assessment: A Case Study for the Sharjah and Ajman Emirates (UAE)Nazzal Y, Bou Orm B, Barbulescu A, Howari F, Badawi A, Al-Taani A. A, et al.Atmosphere12 (11): 14422021
43. Efficient Removal of Phenol Compounds from Water Environment using Ziziphus Leaves AdsorbentAl Bsoul A, Hailat M , Abdelhay A, Tawalbeh M, AlOthman A, Al-kharabsheh I and Al-Taani A.ASci. Total Environ.761, 143229Elsevier2021
42. Multivariate statistical analysis of the metals’ concentrations in soils. A case study from Abu DhabiNazzal Y, Barbulescu A, Howari F, Al-Taani A.A, et al.Toxics9, 952021
41. Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Soils of the Gulf of Aqaba (Northwestern Saudi Arabia): Integration of Geochemical, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Statistical DataGrefat H, Zaman H, Batayneh A, Waheidi M, Qaysi S, Al-Taani A.A, et. al.J. Coast. Res.37(4):864-8722021
40. Optimal Conditions for Olive Mill Wastewater Treatment using Ultrasound and Advanced Oxidation ProcessesAl-Bsoul A, Al-Shannag M, Tawalbeh M, Al-Taani A.A., et al.Sci. Total Environ.700, 134576Elsevier2020
39. Baseline Marine investigation and Impact of Fish Farming on the Marine Environment in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesHowari F, Al-Taani AA and Nazzal YMarine Poll. Bull.159, 111468Elsevier2020
38. Evaluation of the Gulf of Aqaba coastal water, JordanAl-Taani AA, Rashdan M, Nazzal Y and Howari F et al.Water12 (8(,2125MDPI2020
37. Correlation of blood oxidative stress parameters to indoor radiofrequency radiation: A cross sectional study in JordanAkkam Y, Al-Taani A.A, Ayasreh S, Almutairi A, Akkam NIJERPH17, 4673MDPI2020
36. Assessing the Impact of Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp in Central North Jordan on the Groundwater QualityAl-Harahsheh S, Al-Taani A.A, Al-Amoush H, et alJJEES11 (4), 260-271HU2020
35. Assessment of heavy metals in road side dust along the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain National Highway, UAEAl-Taani A.A., Nazzal Y, Hawari FEnviron. Monit. Assess.78, 411Springer2019
34. New insights on sand dust storm from historical records, UAENazzal Y, Barbulescu A, Howari F, Yousef A, Al-Taani A.A, et al.Arab J Geosci12, 396Springer2019
33. Comments on "Assessing rangeland cover conversion in Jordan after the Arab spring using a remote sensing approach" authored by Sawalhah et al. (2018), Journal of Arid Environments, 157: 97–102Al-Taani A.AJournal of Arid Environments166: 77-78Elsevier2019
32. Long-term Trends in Ambient Fine Particulate Matter from 1980-2016 in United Arab EmiratesAl-Taani A.A, Nazzal Y, Howari F and Yousef A.Environ. Monit. Assess.191:143Springer2019
31. Assessment of nitrate and nitrite levels in treated wastewater, soil, and vegetable crops at the upper reach of Zarqa River in JordanMuhaidat R, Al-Qudah K, Al-Taani A.A., AlJammal SEnviron. Monit. Assess.191:153Springer2019
30. Growth, Yield and Genetic Integrity of Spinach and Chrysanthemum as Affected by Soil Supplementation with Dam Sediments Collected From King Talal and Al-Mujib Dams/ JordanAl Khateeb W, Al-Taani A.A, El-Radaideh N et al.WASJ37 (1): 58-69IDOSI2019
29. Removal of Arsenic Compound in Jordan, Yarmouk and Zarqa Rivers Using Coagulation TechniquesAl Shwayatt, K; Hassan, A; Al-Taani, A.A. et al.IJPHRD10(3): 624-629IML Publications2019
28. Status of Water Quality in King Talal Reservoir Dam, JordanAl-Taani A.A, El-Radaideh N, and Al Khateeb W.Water Resources45 (4): 603–614Springer2018
27. Reservoir Water Quality: A Case from JordanAl-Taani AA, El-Radaideh N, AlKhateeb W & AlBsoul AEnviron. Monit. Assess.190(10): 604Springer2018
26. Geo-environmental study of heavy metals of the agricultural highway soils, NW JordanEl-Radaideh N and Al-Taani A.A, Arab J Geosci11:787Springer2018
25. Seasonal impact to air qualities in industrial areas of the Arabian Gulf regionAl-Taani A.A, Howari F, Nazzal Y and Yousef A.Environ. Eng. Research23(2):143-149KSEE2018
24. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of Phosphate Removal from Water by Adsorption onto (Arundo donax) ReedsAbdelhay A, Al Bsoul A, Al-Othman A, Al-Ananzeh N, Jum'h I and Al-Taani A.A.Adsorption Science and Technology36 (1-2): 46-61Sage Pub2018
23. Status of Sedimentation in King Talal Dam, Case study from JordanEl-Radaideh N, Al-Taani A.A and Al Khateeb WEnviron. Earth Sci.76: 132Springer2017
22. Characteristics and Quality of Reservoir Sediments, Mujib Dam, Central Jordan as a case studyEl-Radaideh N, Al-Taan A.A and Al Khateeb WEnviron. Monit. Assess.189: 143Springer2017
21. Effects of pollution on the geochemical properties of marine sediments across the fringing reef of Aqaba, Red SeaAl-Rousan S, Al-Taani A.A, and Rashdan MMarine Poll. Bull.110 (1): 546-554Elsevier2016
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