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Research Title
Power Engineering Society General Meeting, June 2006USA2006
Benefits of FACTS devices for power exchange among Jordanian Interconnection with other Countries
 A. A. Athamneh, W. J. Lee
Power Symposium, 2007. NAPS '07. 39th North AmericanUSA2007
The Impact of Using UPFC on Jordanian Power System Performance
 A. Athamneh, W. J. Lee
Proc. IEEE Aerospace ConferenceUSA/ Montana
Mechanical Fault Diagnosis using Wireless Sensor Networks and a Two-Stage Neural Network Classifier
 P. Ballal, A. Ramani, M. Middleton, C. McMurrough, A. Athamneh, W. Lee, C. Kwan, and F. Lewis
IEEE Aerospace conference USA2009
Real-time system condition monitoring using wireless sensors
C. Kwan, B Ayhan, J Yin, X Liu, P Ballal, A Athamneh
Energy management and the future of development conferenceJordan2009
Benefits of FACTS Devices for Power Exchange among
Jordanian Interconnection with Other Countries
Abedalgany Athamneh