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Power Quality in Microgrids Including SupraharmonicsAmmar Ahmed Alkahtani, Saad T. Y. Alfalahi, Abedalgany AthamnehIEEE Accessvol. 8, pp. 127104-127122, 2020IEEE2020
A Two-Stage Neural N etwork Classifier for Condition- based Maintenance in Wireless Sensor Networks  A.Ramani, C. McMurrough, M. Middleton, P. Ballal, A. Athamneh, Wei-Jen LeeInternational journal of  KOMADEMApril 2010, pp. 17-262010
Optimal design of hybrid power generation system to ensure reliable power supply to the health              center at Umm Jamal, Mafraq, Jordan Ahmad Bataineh, Amin Al-Oudah, Abedalgany  AthamnehInternational Journal of OpticsVol. 4, No. 3, 2014
Fully Automated Smart Wireless Frost Prediction and Protection System Using a Fuzzy Logic ControllerShadi A. Alboon, Amin T. Alqudah, Hussien R. Al-Zoubi and Abedalgany Athamnehthe International Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and TechnologyIJAISC 3(2): 165-184 (2012).