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AttachmentEffects of a cognitive behavioral therapy program on reducing anger and improving anger management strategiesAl-Khawaldeh, O. A., & Jaradat, A. M.Mu'tah Journal for Research and Studies29(2), 315-346Mu'tah University2014
AttachmentDifferences in the big five personality traits according to gender and need for cognitionJaradat, A. M., & Abu Ghazal, M. M.Journal of Educational & Psychological Sciences15(3), 125-152University of Bahrain2014
AttachmentThe relationship of parenting styles to depressive symptoms and trait anxietyJaradat, A. M., & Al-Jawarneh, A. Y.Association of Arab Universities Journal for Education and Psychology12(4), 175-193University of Damascus2014
AttachmentMultidimensional perfectionism in a sample of Jordanian high school studentsJaradat, A. M.Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools23(1), 95-105Cambridge University Press2013
AttachmentEffects of the modification of negative self-statements on reducing academic procrastination and improving academic self-efficacyAbu-Zreik, M. M., & Jaradat, A. M.Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences9(1), 15-27Yarmouk University2013
AttachmentBullying among inmates of rehabilitation and correctional centers in JordanJaradat, A. M., & Al-Mansour, K. M.Journal of the Islamic University of Gaza for Educational and Psychological Studies21(1), 349-375Islamic University of Gaza2013
AttachmentSocio-demographic factors predicting perceived parenting styles: Implications for counselorsJaradat, A. M.The Arab Journal of Psychiatry23(2), 169-174Arab Federation of Psychiatry2012
AttachmentA comparison of rational emotive behavior therapy and social skills training in the treatment of social phobiaShahin, F. I., & Jaradat, A. M.An-Najah University Journal for Research-Humanities26(6), 1259-1292An-Najah University2012
AttachmentPrevalence of depression among a sample of university students in JordanJaradat, A. M. University of Sharjah Journal for Humanities & Social Sciences9(1), 177-197University of Sharjah2012
AttachmentThe role of family relationships, academic achievement, grade level, family size and gender in the prediction of self-esteem among adolescentsJaradat, A. M. The Educational Journal25(99), 315-351University of Kuwait2011
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AttachmentNeed for cognition and self-consciousness in university students: An exploratory studyJaradat, A. M., & Al-Ali, N.Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences6(4), 319-331Yarmouk University2010
AttachmentAdult attachment styles and their relationship to self-esteem and lonelinessAbu Ghazal, M., & Jaradat, A. M.Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences5(1), 45-57Yarmouk University2009
AttachmentBullying among primary school students: Prevalence and correlatesJaradat, A. M. Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences4(2), 109-124Yarmouk University2008
AttachmentRelationship between irrational beliefs and self-esteem among college studentsJaradat, A. M.Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences2(3), 143-153Yarmouk University2006
AttachmentContribution of social self-efficacy and need for cognition in the prediction of life-satisfaction: Does it differ according to the level of family income?Jaradat, A. M.Journal of Social Sciences43(3), 97-115University of Kuwait2015
AttachmentThe effectiveness of study skills training and systematic desensitization in reducing test anxiety and improving academic self-efficacy among a sample of tenth grade students at Ajloun governorateAbood M. H., & Jaradat, A. M. An-Najah University Journal for Research-Humanities 28(9), 2187-2220An-Najah University 2014
AttachmentEffect of modifying negative self-statements and improving communication skills on the modification of insecure attachment styles among ninth and tenth grade students in Irbid governorateBani Rshaid, A., & Jaradat, A. M.Journal of Al-Quds Open University for Educational and Psychological Research and Studies2(8), 195-224Al-Quds Open University 2014
AttachmentThe relative contribution of some family factors in the prediction of social competence among university studentsJaradat, A. M.; Abu Ghazal, M. M., & Momani, F. A. Journal of Educational & Psychological Studies8(3), 491-501Sultan Qaboos University2014
AttachmentDifferences in bullying and victimization between optimistic adolescents and those who are not optimistic Jaradat, A. M. Dirasat: Educational Sciences43(1), 549-560University of Jordan2016
AttachmentFamily environment: An investigation of the effect of family environment on bullying of Irbid Governorate students as a modelDwairi, W. M., & Jaradat, A. M.Journal of Social Affairs32(126), 151-174 Sociologist Association2015
AttachmentLife-satisfaction and social support among the elderly living in care homes and those living in their own homesJaradat, A., M., & Abood, M. H.Journal of Educational & Psychological Sciences17(1), 385-413University of Bahrain2016
AttachmentDifferences in boredom proneness according to gender and academic achievement Jaradat, A. M.Indian Journal of Health & Wellbeing 6(10), 982-985IAHRW Indian Association of Health, Research and Welfare2015
AttachmentThe effectiveness of Virginia Satir's model in marital communication patterns among WivesBany Salameh, M. T., & Jaradat A. M.Dirasat: Educational Sciences43(2), 1085-1102Universtiy of Jordan2016
AttachmentRelationship of coping strategies with depression and anxiety among a Kuwaiti sample of patients with hypertensionAl-Ayoob, H., & Jaradat, A. M.Journal of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies43(167), 127-159Kuwait University2017
AttachmentSelf-efficacy and boredom in undergraduate and graduate studentsJaradat, A. M.International Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry6(2), 1-11Spring Leaf Publications2018
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AttachmentQuality of life and self-determination among Syrian female refugees in JordanBani-Rshaid, A. M.; Al-Serhan, M. A., & Jaradat, A. M.International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research7(4), 505-514Research Publish Journals2019
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