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Magnetic properties of metallic magnetic fluidsA. Abu – libdeh1990Published
Optical properties of dielectric thin filmsA. Al –SharifHassan Abu Safia1991Published
Temperature dependence of Ac- susceptibility of an Fe3 O4 fine particles annealed for different temperatureA.Bayrakdar1992Published
Ac- susceptibility of  the Fe(Al, Co) alloys systemK. Al-Hussain1992Published
On the temperature dependence of dichroism in magnetic fluidsM. AbduallahNihad Yusuf1993Published
Magnetic properties of ( Fe, Co) 1-x  Al x  SystemN. Abu –libdeh1999Published
Phonon dispersion currves  of Rig CompoundsJ. Mustafa1999Published
The effect of size distribution on the entropy of fine magnetic particlesA.Kelani1999Published
Entropy calculations of magnetic fluid using Monte- CarloF.Namas1999Published
The magneto caloric effect of magnetic fluidsA.Al –Jamal1999Published