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Research Title
The First Anglo-Egyptian Conference on Bioscience and TechnologyAlexandria/ Egypt10-15 November, 1990
The induction of chromosome aberrations in human peripheral lymphocytes following in vitro exposure to selenium
Ahmad M. KhalilPresentation
The Thirty First Science ConfrenceLattakia / Syria 2-8 November, 1991
Radiofrequency field-induced cytogenetic effects in cultured human lymphocytes
Khalil, A. M., W. Qassem and M. SuleimanPresntation
The Second European Conference on Ecotoxicology Amsterdam/ Netherlands11-15 May, 1992
Cytogenetic changes in human lymphocytes from occupationally exposed to high- voltage electromagnetic field
Khalil, A.M., W. Qassem and F. AmouraPresentation
The Third International Symposium of "Protein Structure – Function Relationship",  Karachi / Pakistan8-12 January, 1993
Toxicity and partial characterization of Ecballium   elaterium fruit juice
Khalil, A.M. and K. QaoudPresentation of a paper and Co - chairman of a session
The Fourteenth Pakistan Congress of Zoology, , Karachi / Pakistan1-3 April, 1994
Genetic toxicology of benzene and its derivatives in rat bone marrow cell cultures
Khalil, A. M. and M. M. T. OdehPresentation
The Impact of Biotechnology on Predictive Oncology and Therapy  Boston/U.S.A.11-13 December, 1994
Biological monitoring of petrochemical workers: Chromosomal aberrations, sister chromatid exchanges in blood lymphocytes
Khalil, A. M., W. Qassem and O. M. KamalPresentation
The First International Science Conference Cairo/ Egypt20-23March, 1995
In vitro cytogenetic and cytotoxic testing of fluorides with rat bone marrow cells
Ahmad M. KhalilPresentation
The Second International Scientific Conference (Science, Development and Environment) Cairo /Egypt 17-20 March, 1997
Evaluation of the cytogenetic effects of formaldehyde in cultured human lymphocytes using cytokinesis-blocked micronucleus assay
Ahmad M. KhalilPresentation
The first Symposium on Use of Nuclear Techniques in Environmental Studies, Irbid /Jordan  24-26 September, 2001
Member of  the organizing committee
The Science Conference Taiz /Yemen11-13 October, 2002
Testing embryotoxicity and genotoxicity of the insecticide primicid in chick embryo
Khalil, A. M. and E. F. A. El-DawyPresentation
The Fourth Conference on Biological Sciences: Biological Sciences and Society: Services and Obstacles, Irbid/ Jordan12-14 October, 2004
Member of the Organizing Committee
The Arab Conference on Special Education: Present Situation and Perspectives Amman/ Jordan, 26-27 April, 2005
Genetic and Disabilities: Identification, assessment and intervention
Ahmad M. KhalilOresentation
The Scientific Week for Hijjawi College for Engineering and Technology, . Irbid/ Jordan 9-12 May, 2005
Environmental Impact of Electromagnetic Fields
Ahmad M. KhalilPresentation
The Third Conference for the International Congress of Chemistry and Environment, Kuwait 18-20 November, 2007
Isolation and Characterization of microcystin-LR from Microcystis aerugnosa from King Talal water reservoir (JORDAN)
Al-Jassabi S., and A. M. Khalil Presentation
The Fourth Conference on Scientific Research Amman/Jordan 7 November, 2009
Inhibition of the in Vitro Growth of Human Mammary Carcinoma Cell Line (MCF-7) by Selenium and Vitamin E
Ahmad M. KhalilPresentation
International Conference on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, Venice/Italy 27-28 April, 2011
Detection of oxidative stress induced by mobile phone radiation in tissues of mice using 8-oxo-7, 8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine
Khalil, A. M., A. M. Alshamali, and M. H. GagaaPresentation
The Second International Conference on e-Technologies and Networks for Development (ICeND 20123).  Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMarch 4-6, 2013
Short-term use of cell phones has no significant effect on the salivary oxidant/ antioxidant profile
Khalil AM, Abu Khadra KM, Aljaberi AM, Gagaa MH, and Issa HSPresentation