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Professor Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Khalil
Department of Biological Sciences
Yarmouk University
Telephone: 00962-2-7211111 Office: 2835
Home: 3263
Mobile: 00962777-388325; 00965582302989
Fax            : 00962-2-7211117
E-mail       :
B. Sc. in Biology, University of Jordan, 1977.
M. Sc. in Cell and Developmental Biology, U. of Jordan 1981
     Title of the Master thesis “Teratogenic effects of aflatoxin B1 on chick embryo”
Ph.D. in Cytogenetics, Ohio State University 1987
    Title of The Ph.D. Dissertation "Frequency of sister chromatid   exchanges and cell cycle kinetics in cultured human lymphocytes treated with selenium alone or selenium and methylnitrosourea".
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