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Editorship and Refereeing Activities
1. (Founding Editor) (a) Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (EJASA).
     (e-ISSN: 2070-5948). 
      (b)  Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis: Decision Support Systems and Services Evaluation: EJASA-DSS (e-ISSN: 2037-3627).
2. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics
3. Journal of Classifications.
4. Statistics in Transition- New Series.
5. InterStat
6. International Journal of Open Problems in Computer Science and Mathematics (IJOPCM)
7. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
8. Asian Journal of Scientific Research
9. Journal of Applied Sciences
10. Derasat: Jordanian University
11. African Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science Research
12. Sultan Qaboos University, Journal of Science
1) Impact of video games on the behavior of children and adolescents, 2009.
2) The efficiency of higher education in Jordan: a comparative study between Jordanian universities, 2009.
3) The duties of Muslims in the holy Quran. 2009.
4) Homelessness, its causes, remedies and their impact on society. 2009.
5) Training needs of the managers in Jordan Phosphate Mines Company from their point of view.2009.
6) Reasons of the parallel education in Jordanian universities from parents point of view. 2009.
7) MP who we want: an exploratory study of the characteristics and roles of MP from the point of view of citizens. 2009.
8) The negative effects of mobile phones on users. 2009.
9) Are women the consumers or they having an economic mind?. 2009.
10) A comparative study of the main factors that returns the difference between banks (commercial, foreigners and Islamic) from the point of view of customers. 2009.
11) Prices rising and their impact on the Jordanian citizen. 2008.
12) How important is the competition between Jordan Telecom companies?. 2008.
13) Rumor and their impact on society. 2008.
14) Patient satisfaction with health services in Jordanian hospitals. 2008.
15) Human Rights in Jordan. 2008.
16) The impact of technology on the weakness of the Arabic language among university students. 2008.
17) The difference between the premium and the actual services in the healthcare sector
18) Importance of women's political participation. 2008.
19) Worker’s Satisfaction in the industrial sector: a field study in Al Hassan Industrial Zone. 2008.
20) Measuring resident’s satisfaction level on the municipal services: Al-gharbyia region-UAE. 2010.
21) Residences transportations needs in Delma Island-UAE. 2009.
22) Evaluate the services in “al-sooq Algadeem” festival. Delma Island-UAE. 2010.