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Course Code Course Name
Stat101 Introductory Statistics (1)
 a) Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Mendenhall, Beaver and Beaver
 b) Introductory Statistics. Weiss
Stat105 Statistical laboratory (1)
Stat106 Statistical Laboratory(2)
Stat107 Statistics for Business and   Economics Students
Stat111 Introduction to Probability (1)
a) Introduction to Probability,  Larson
 b) Probability and Statistical Inference, Hogg and Tanis
d) Mathematical Statistics with Applications. Mendenhall, Schaeffer and  Wackerly
Stat201 Introductory Statistics (2)
a) Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Mendenhall, Beaver and Beaver
b) Introductory Statistics. Weiss
Stat205 Statistical laboratory (3)
Stat211 Mathematical Statistics 1
Text:  a) Introduction to Probability. Larson
           b) Introduction to Mathematical Statistics. Mendenhall , Schaffer and Schaffer        
Stat271 Sampling Techniques
Text: a) Elementary Survey Sampling. Schaeffer, Mendenhall and Ott
         b) Sampling. Thompson
Stat276 Time Series
Text: a) Introduction to Time series.
Stat281 Statistical Packages:
a) A Hand Book of Statistical Analyses Using SPSS. Landau S & Everett S. Brian
      b) A Hand Book of Statistical Analyses Using S-Plus. Everett S. Brian
Stat363 Nonparametric
Text: Practical Nonparametric Statistics. W. J. Conover.
Stat374 Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance
Text: a) Design and Analysis of Experiments. Montgomery.
         b) Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Experiments. Clarke and Kempson.
         c) Fundamental Concepts in the Design of Experiments. Hicks
Stat375 Regression Analysis
Text: a) Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis. Montgomery and Peck.
         b) Regression Analysis: Concepts and Applications. F. A. Graybill. and Iyer H.
Stat377 Quality Control
Text: Introduction to Statistical Quality Control. Montgomery D.
Stat464 Multivariate Statistics
Text: Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis. Johnson A. W and Wichern W . D.
Stat472 Sampling Survey
Text: Social Research Methods: qualitative and quantitative approaches. Neumann, W.
Stat481 Statistical Computing
Text: A course in Simulation. Sheldon Ross.
Stat483 Practical Studies
Text: Problem Solving. Chatfield
Stat606 Data Analysis and Experimental Design  (For Non Statistician  Master Students)
Text:   a) Applied Statistics: Bowerman and O’Connell
           b) Elementary Statistics: Allan G. Bluman
Stat675 Regression Analysis  (For Master Students)
Text:   a) Applied Regression Analysis: N. R. Draper and H. Smith
b) Applied Linear Statistical Models: Netter, Kutner, Nachtsheim and Wasserman
c) Statistics: An Introduction using R. Michael J. Crawley.
Stat681 Statistical Computing  (For Master Students)
Text:   a) Elements of Simulation. Morgan, B..
           b) Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method. R. Y. Rubinstein
           c) Simulation Modeling and Analysis. Law. M and Kelton , W.
            d) Computational Statistics With Matlab. Martinez and Martinez
Stat683 Linear Models  (For Master Students)
Text: An Introduction to Linear Models. F. A. Graybill
Stat692(2007) Special Topics “Measurement Error models”  (For Master Students)
Text: a) Statistical Regression with Measurement error. Cheng, C and Van Ness, J.
          b) Measurement Error Models. Fuller, A., W.
Stat692(2009) Special Topics “Robust Statistics”  (For Master Students)
Text: a) Robust Statistics. Peter J. Huber.
          b) Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis. Hoaglin D., Mosteller, F., and Tukey W.