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An Adaptive Parser for Arabic Language ProcessingAl-Taani A. T., Al-Awad Noor Aldeen K., and Abu-Salem, Hani International Journal of Computer Processing of Languages (IJCPOL)23(1):67-80World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore2011
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Recognition of On-line Arabic Handwritten Characters using Structural FeaturesAhmad T. Al-Taani and Saeed Al-HajJournal of Pattern Recognition Research (JPRR)5(1): 23 -37Journal of Pattern Recognition Research2010
Arabic Numerals Checker: Checking Competence between Numbers and Counted Objects in Arabic LanguageAl-Taani A. T. , Sana A. Wedian and Omar M. Darwish International Journal of Computer Processing of Languages (IJCPOL)22(4): 341-357World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore2009
A Novel Approach to the Extraction of Roots from Arabic Words Using Bi-GramsIsmail I. Hmeidi, Riyad F. Al-Shalabi, Ahmad T. Al-Taani, Hasan Njadat and Shaker A. Al-HazaimehJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology61(3): 583-591Association for Information Science and Technology 2010
A Rule-based Approach for Tagging Non-Vocalized Arabic WordsAhmad T. Al-Taani and Salah Abu Al-Rub International Arab Journal of Information Technology  (IAJIT)6(3) : 320-328 Colleges of Computing and Information Society (CCIS), Zarqa University, Jordan2009
An Empirical Analysis of Arabic Web Pages Classification using Fuzzy OperatorsAhmad T. Al-Taani and Al-Awad Noor Aldeen K. International Journal of Computational Intelligence (IJCI)3(1) : 12-17World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET)2009
Recognition of On-line Handwritten Arabic Digits  using Structural Features and Transition NetworkAhmad T. Al-Taani and Maen Hammad  Informatica32 (3): 275–281Slovene Informatika Society2008
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Towards Implementing an Intelligent System for Securing and Monitoring using AgentsFaisal Alkhateeb, Zain Al-Abdeen Al-Fakhry, Eslam Al Maghayreh, Ahmad T. Al-Taani and Shadi Aljawarneh (Editted Book : )Multi-Agent Systems - Modeling, Control, Programming, Simulations and ApplicationsSBN: 978-953-307-174-9InTech2011
An Efficient Feature Extraction Algorithm for the Recognition of Handwritten Arabic DigitsAhmad T. Al-TaaniInternational Journal of Computational Intelligence2 (2): 107-111World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET)2005
Web Computing And Web Operating SystemsAhmad T. Al-Taani and 5. Kofahi N. A.Information Technology Journal4(4): 360-366Asian Network for Scientific Information (ANSI)2005
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A New Approach to the Extraction of Multiword Terms from Arabic TextsAhmad T. Al-TaaniInternational Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS)5(2): 129-133 The Praise Worthy Prize publishing House2010
A MULTI-AGENT-BASED SYSTEM FOR SECURING UNIVERSITY CAMPUSFaisal Alkhateeb, Zain Al-Abdeen Al-Fakhry, Eslam Al Maghayreh, Shadi Aljawarneh & Ahmad T.Al-Taani International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences2(3): 223-231Academic Research Publishing Agency2010
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A Fuzzy Decision Tree for Processing Satellite Images and Landsat Data.Feras Al-Obeidat, Ahmad T. Al-Taani, Nabil Belacel, Leo Feltrin Procedia Computer Science52:1192-1197Elsevier 2015
Part-of-Speech Tagging for Arabic Text Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm. Ahmad T. Al-Taani and Fadi Al-Khazaleh Recent Advances in Computer Science and Communications (RACSC)10.2174/2666255814666210114120558Benthamscience2021