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The impact of problem solving-based activities on the development of metacognition skills of students with mathematical learning disabilities.Salwa Abu Alrubmathematics education-2013Not Published
Statistical reasoning among university students and its relation with their metacognitive awareness.Emtinan Wahibimathematics Education-2013Not Published
Mathematical reasoning ability among primary school students and its relationship with their attitudes toward mathematics.Mujahed Al Tamimimathematics education-2012Not Published
The effect of mathematical communication-based activities on mathematical problem solving among eight grade students in the Pioneer Centers.Eman Matalqamathematics education-2008Not Published
The effect of metacognitive based training program on developing planning and implementation skills for problem solving among mathematics teachers in Sultanate of Oman.Mi Al Behrimathematics education-2007Not Published
Statistical thinking levels among seventh and eight grade students.Ashraf Alnimrawimathematics education-2006Not Published
Effectiveness of mental computation training program on the aquisition of sexth graders' mental computation skill and their attitudes towards the program.Qussai Al momanimathematics education-2004Not Published
Probabilistic thinking levels among seventh graders'.Samaher khasawnehmathematics education-2002Not Published
The extent of tenth graders' aquisition of estimation, mathematical communication,and patterns and relationships skills.Omar Al Alimathematics education-2001Not Published
pedagogical knowledge in mathematics among middle school teachers in Sultanate of Oman.Abdallah Bin Salem Alzaabimathematics education-2012Not Published
Impact of inservice training program on specific strategies in solving mathematics problems on classroom instructional practices of the first preparatory grade mathematics teachers in Sultanate of Oman.Mohammad Al Katheirimathematics education-2004Not Published
The effect of Geometric SkethPad(GSP) software on Junior 3rd graders' achievement of triangle geometry in the United Arab Emirates(UAE).Ismail Abu Iraqmathematics education-2002Published
The extent of eight graders' aquisition of mathematical reasoning skills.Hamzeh Talafhamathematics education-2002Not Published
Development of geometric thought among fifth to eight graders.Ayman Al Jarrahmathematics education-2001Not Published
An analysis of geometrical problem solving strategies used by high achievers before and after formal instruction in four strategies of mathematical proof.Tyseer Al khateebmathematics education-1997Not Published
The effect of LOGO environment in teaching geometrical concepts on the levels of geometrical thinking and achievement of eight grade students in geometry.Muna Al Ghamdimathematics education-1996Published
Number Sense among Eleventh Grade Students and its Relationship to some VariablesBatool Mohammad Al Essamathematics education2014Not Published
Misconceptions in the Concepts of Limit and Continuity among the Students of Scientific Disciplines at Yarmouk UnivertsitySawsan Taha Jaradatmathematics education2014Not Published