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Training Supervision:
A nine credit hours field training course is conducted by all the faculty students. Computer Engineering Department linked this course with computer companies and industries in Jordan as well as some industrialized countries such as Germany, USA, Singapore, and Malysia. Some of our students are being sent abroad to get training.
However, I was supervising the students during their field training course, to follow them up and instruct them continually
Committees Memberships:
* Hijjawi Faculty Council.(95-2000)
* Faculty Advisory Board.
* Study Plan and Exams Committees.
* Budget Committee.
* Member of Various Committees for Appointments and Scholarships Applications.
* Field Training Organization Committee.
* University Council Member (1.9.93 - 31.8.94).
* University Legalecy Committee (1.9.93 - 31.8.94).
Activities  & Achievements:
1- Established the Research Laboratory at the Department of Computer          Engineering.
2- Referee for the Journal of Modelling & Simulation (An International Journal) CANADA.
Specialized Courses Attended:
a. Computer Maintenance, L. J. Technical Systems, Norwich, England.
b. CAD Software called View Logic (Specialized Software for Computer Aided Design), Paris, France
c. P-cad Software (Specialized Software for Manufacturing PCB), Paris, France.
Prepared the Technical Specifications and established the following Labs:
-  Computer Maintenance Lab.
-  CAD / CAM Lab.
-  Computer Peripheral Devices Lab.
-  Digital Design Lab.
           - Microprocessors Lab.
           -UNIX O/S Lab.
System Developments:
Development & Design of many Systems for Teaching Purposes some of  these are:
* Design of Microcomputer for Processing & execution of Assembly Programs.
* Design of Computer Card for Controlling Traffic Signals.
* Design of Microcomputer Kit as EPROM programmer.