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a) Under Graduate Courses
1- Computer Organization
2- Logic Design
3- Microprocessors I
        -  Hardware Architecture
        -  Software (Assembly Language)
           4- Advanced Microprocessors
5- Introduction to programming. (FORTRAN & C)
6- Computer System
           7- Operating System(UNIX O/S)
           8- Digital Electronics Circuits
           9- Computer Architecture
           10- Peripheral Devices
11-Microcomputer System Design
           12-Computer Networks
13-System Software
           14-System Analysis & design
15-Digital Design Lab.
16- Microprocessors Lab. I
17-Microprocessors Lab. II
18-Computer Maintenance Lab.
19-Peripheral Devises Lab.
20-Supervising both B.Sc. Projects i, e elementary & Final Projects
b) Grduate Courses
1- Advanced Microprocessors.
2- Embeded Systems.
3- Advanced Computer Architecture.
4-Supervising M.Sc. Projects.