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Welcome to my website!


Ahmad Audeh, Professor

Professor of measurement and evaluation.

Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology

Faculty of Education, Yarmouk UniversityAhmad_Audeh_TBg.png

Irbid 21163


Curriculum Vitae​ (PDF file): Download CV​ pdf-icon.png

بحث جديد منشور 2022

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بحث-6- التصحيح لأثر التخمين- احمد بني عودة.pdf المعرفة الجزئية والمخاطرة: ثنائي الاتجاه- احمد عودة / بحث 2022 .pdf

·         Campus address:

   ​​Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology

   Faculty of Education, Yarmouk University

   Irbid 21163


·         Phone numbers:  

    •  Mobile number:  0795769341

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 Website slogan:

 ‘I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide ​the conditions in which they can learn.’ 

–Albert Einstein

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تطورشعار أحمد عودة لمعايير الجودة الناعمة

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