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- Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan.        (Under Graduate Students)
o PSC 101: Introduction to Political Science.
o PSC 102: Citizenship Education.
o PSC 105: Introduction to Comparative Politics.
o PSC 106: Introduction to International Relations.
o PSC 221: Ancient Political Thought.
o PSC 242: Jordanian Political Regime.
o PSC 314: Jordanian Foreign Policy.
o PSC 315: Arab National Security.
o PSC 318: The Great Powers Foreign Policy.
o PSC 411: Islamic Political Thought.
o PSC 412: Advanced Studies in International Relations.
o PSC 432: Advanced Studies in Human Rights.
o PSC 441: Problems of Development and Modernization.
o PSC 449: Political Concepts in English.
o PSC 491: Seminar in Political Science.
            (Graduate Students)
o PSC 621: Seminar in Economic and Political Development.
o PSC 642: Theories of International Political Economy.
o PSC 661: Contemporary Political Thought.
           Courses Taught to Richmond University Students at Yarmouk University:
o Modern History of the Middle East.
o the Process of peace in the Middle East.
           Clark Atlanta University:
o PS 100 Introduction to Political Science.
o PS 110 Comparative Politics.
o PS 450 Government and Politics of Middle East.
Al-Bayt University - Bayt al-Hikma Institut  (Under graduate students )
- National Education.
- Public international law.
- Theories of Political Systems.
- Public opinion and media.
- Democracy and Human Rights.
-Jordanian Foreign Policy.
- Negotiations and crisis management.

                 (Graduate Students)
-Comparative political systems.
- International economic relations.
-Research seminar.