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Research Title
The Fourth International TEFL Conference. 2 – 4/9/2004. University of Damascus./Syria2 – 4/9/2004
Effect of Chat through the Internet on the Writing  Skills of Tenth Grade Students
Abdallah BaniabdelrahmanPresenting a paper
The Sixth Conference of the Faculty of Education at Yarmouk UniversitJordan22-24/11/2005
The Use of the English Language as a Means of Instructions and its Effect on Students’ Academic Achievement
Abdallah BaniabdelrahmanPresenting a paper
 Third International Conference on Language Teacher Education, 29-31/5/2003 Minneapolis- Minnesota-USA29-31/5/2003
Arab Students’ Problems at the  University of Arkansas.
Baniabdelrahman, AbdallahPresentin a paper
TESOL Arabia ConferenceDobai, UAE2007
Effect of Using English Language Authentic Materials on 11th Grade Students' Reading Comprehension
Abdallah Baniabdelrahman
Seventh Conference of Faculty of Education: Education Curriculum and ModernYarmouk University/Jordan22 – 23/ October/ 2007
Cultural Aspects in TEFL Textbooks at Yarmouk University
Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah and Shatnawi MohammadPresenting a paper