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The Effect of Short Term In-Service Training on EFL Teachers' Attitudes towards the Communicative ApproachBaniabdelrahman, AbdallahDirasat Mustaqbaliah). No. 9: pp 19-422004
The Effectiveness of the Use of Word Boxes Instruction on the Spelling Performance of EFL Fifth Grade StudentsBaniabdelrahman, AbdallaAbhath Al-Yarmouk: Humanities and Social Sciences Series.20(4B)Yarmouk University2004
Roles of Cooperating Teachers and Practicum Supervisors and their Effect on EFL Student-Teachers’ Teaching SkillsBaniabdelrahman, Abdallah. Asian EFL Journal. 6(3)2004
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The Effect of the Use of Authentic Reading Materials in Teaching English on Eleventh Grade EFL Students’ Motivation.Baniabdelrahman, AbdallahJordan Journal of Educational Sciences: An International Research Journal. 1(3): 243 – 251Yarmouk University2005
Attitudes of Arab Students at the University of Arkansas in the U.S.A. towards the English Language and its Native Speakers in the Light of the Events of September Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah, and Lincoln, Felicia.Journal of Educational Sciences (JES)), no. 8: 133 – 164. Bahrain University2005
Jordanian EFL Students’ Perceptions of their Computer Literacy: An Exploratory Case Study. Bataineh, Ruba, and Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah. International Journal of Education and Development Using ICT2(2)   2006
The Effect of Using Authentic English Language Materials on EFL Students’ Achievement in Reading ComprehensionBaniabdelrahman, AbdallahJournal of Education & Psychological Sciences, 7(1): 8 – 212006
The Effect of Multiple Intelligences Strategies on EFL Ninth Graders’ Achievement in Reading Comprehension9. Jallad, Nasreen, and Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah. Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics.2006
10. Effect of Using On-line Chat on the Writing Composition of First Secondary EFL Students in JordanOmari, Akram and Abdallah BaniabdelrahmanJournal of Educational & Psychological Sciences.
An Exploratory Study of Jordanian EFL Students' Perceptions of their Use of the Internet Baniabdelrahman, A; Bataineh,R; and Bataineh, RTeaching English with Technology: A Journal for Teachers of English7(3): 1-252007
Cultural Issues in the Teaching and Learning of a Foreign Language Al-Abed Al-Haq,F.; Baniabdelrahman, A.; and Shatnawi, MWoodward Smith, Elizabeth, (Ed.). Approaching Cultures through English: Diversity in ContextA Coruna: Department of English Language, University of Coruna, Spain, Portada: Daniel Alberte2007
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EFL Teachers' Preceptions of the Use of Alternative Assessment ToolsBaniabdelrahman,Abdallah; Majed,Alharbi; basim, SarairahMu'tah Journal for Research and StudiesMu'tah University2009
Competencies of Learning Disabilities for General Education Teachers in Regular Classrooms in Jordan15. Bataineh, Osamah; Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah; Dababneh, KholoudUniversity of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social StudiesUniversity of Sharjah2009
The Impact of Omani Tweilfth Grade Students' Self-Assessment on their Performance in Reading in EnglishMoheidat, Amin&Baniabdelrahman, AbdallahAsian EFL Journal2011
Effect of Using an Instructional Computerized Package on EFL Students' Achievement in Reading ComprehensionBaniabdelrahman, AbdallahUniversity of Sharjah Journal for Humanities and Social Studies2010
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The Effect of the Use of Self-       Assessment on EFL Students' Performance in Reading         Comprehension i n EnglishBaniabdelrahman, abdallahTESL-EJ2009
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The Effect of Using Online Tools on Ninth Grade Jordanian Students' Vocabulary LearningBaniabdelrahman, Abdallah Arab World English Journal in US2013
Strategies Used by Saudi EFL Students to Determine the Meaning of English WordsAbdallah BaniabdelrahmanEnglish Language Teaching Journal7, 75-912014
First Year University EFL Students'       Perceptions and Preferences of English Language Native and Non-native       Speaker Teachers. Abdallah BaniabdelrahmanJournal of English Language and Literature (JOELL),2, 33-432013
A Needs Analysis Approach to EFL  Syllabus Development for Second Grade Students in Secondary Education in Saudi Arabia: A  Descriptive Analytical Approach to Students’ NeedsAl-Hamlan Suad & Abdallah baniabdelrahmanAmerican International Journal of Contemporary Research5,118-1452015
Differentiation strategies used by EFL secondary stage teachers: Self-reported versus actual practiceAl-Omari, Ibrahim  &. Baniabdelrahman, AbdallahJournal of English Language and Literature (JOELL), 2(4),73-842015
The effect of using team teaching on Jordanian EFL eleventh grade students' reading comprehension and their attitudes towards this strategyMigdadi, Ali and Baniabdelrahman, AbdallahJournal of Education and e-learning Research3(2), 38-50CrossMark2016
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 Translation of the book: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: The Reflective Professional التعلم والتعليم في التعليم العالي: المهني التأملي‎32. Baniabdelrahman, Abdallah King Saud University2016
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