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C&I. 654 Language assessment
This course aims to familiarize students with the nature of language assessment, the objectives of language assessment, the main methods and procedures of language assessment, the different types of language tests, and the main characteristics of good tests. It also aims to familiarize students with the ways of establishing the different kinds of tests validity and reliability
C&I. 417: Methodology 2       
This course introduces the students to the ways and procedures of teaching the different English language skills and sub-skills. It gives the students opportunities to demonstrate real teaching of the different English language skills and components. It also trains the students on how to prepare lesson plans and annual plans.
C&I 617
The course aims at examining the process of learning and using a second language. Research in second language acquisition (SLA) is multi-disciplinary in nature, reflecting the complex nature of adult language and use. Linguistic, psychological and social processes that underlie language(s) learning and use will be introduced and current research findings will be examined from the perspective of both the language teaching professional and the SLA researcher