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Research Title
Chemistry Department of Arab Universities Symposia Amman -JordanOctober 1982
Member of the Organizing Committee
Chemistry Department of Arab Universities Symposia, Amman, JordanJordanOctober 1982
"Statistical Correlation Study of Students Performance in High School and University"
khaled R.Barqawi and M.A.Atfahoral presentation
American Chemical Society Meeting, Duke University Durham, N.C. U.S.AApril 11,1987
"Study of Physical and Chemical
Properties of Ruthenium Trispyrazolyl Methane Based Complexes
  khaled.R.Barqawi,  A. Llobet, M. Cury and T.J. Meyer             poster
Recent Tends in Photochemistry Irbid-JordanOct. 29-Nov. 1st 1989
"Photochemistry and Photophysics of MLCT
Excited States.Comparisons between Ru and Os
khaled.R.Barqawi and Thomas.J.Meyeroral presentation
32nd science week organized by Supreme Council of SciencesSyriaDamascus between 7-13 Nov. 1992
"Electrochemical Studies of Triphenylphosphine, Arsene and Stibine Iron S-Bonded Thiocarboxylates in Non - Aqueous Solutions.
 khaled.R.Barqawi , Hani D. Tabba' and Ibrahim Jibril .                       oral presentation
Chemistry in Industry IIBahrainOctober 24-26, 1994
representing  the Chemistry Department, University  of Bahrain
Cleaner Production Workshop organized by Bahrain Society of Chemistry   in cooperation with United Nation Environments office for West Asia                                                                                  Manama , Bahrain5-8 March 1995
delegate of the chemistry department of University of Bahrain
The Third Jordanian International Conference of Chemistry Irbid-Jordan22-26 April 2002
Member of Organizing Committee – Chairman  of Chemistry Department .