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1) Introduction to French Language  
This course teaches the fundamentals of pronunciation, grammar, and syntax referencing simple sentences and general expressions that enable  the student to generate oral and written expressions.
2) Intensive Course in French Language (2
This course enhances students' oral and written experiences acquired in the previous course. The course enables students to exchange information and opinions and to pass judgment and write texts about various everyday needs. It develops the students' ability to read.
3) French Comprehension and Writing skills 
This course improves students' writing and expression skills through various simple texts.
4) Conversation and Oral skills in French (1)
The course focuses on the development of writing and comprehension skills through texts which in turn enhance the student's ability to understand and communicate.
5) Conversation and Oral skills in French (2)
This course deepens advanced writing and oral expressions skills.
6) French in Tourism domain in Jordan
This course aims at providing the student with French expressions and terminology in the field of tourism and to give the student a brief idea about tourism in Jordan including main tourism and archeological places and positive and negative advantages of tourism in addition to learning tourism texts.
7) Early Learning of French Language
This course aims at improving students' to specialized theories of early-aged language acquisition and to basic concepts of teaching foreign languages to earlyaged non-natives.