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Research Title
 7th World Congress on Diabetes Prevention and its Complications. Madrid, Spain2012
In vivo anti-diabetic activity of thujone in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
Alkhateeb H
 Chongqing International Conference On Diabetes.  Chongqing, China2011
Thujone, a component of medicinal herbs, rescues palmitate- induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle.
Alkhateeb H
The 4th international congress on prediabetes and the metabolic syndromeMadrid, Spain2011
Overexpression of the fatty acid transporters CD36 and FABPpm in rat skeletal muscle enhances the action of AICAR and insulin on fatty acid metabolism.
Lally J.S.V, Nickerson J, Alkhateeb H, Bonen A.
International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference, Muscles as Molecular and Metabolic Machines, Guelph University, Canada2009
Rapid rescue of skeletal muscle insulin resistance is related to restoration of AS160 phosphorylation and fatty acid oxidation, not reductions in intramuscular lipids
Alkhateeb H, Chabowski AS, Glatz J.F.C, Gurd B, Luiken J.J.F.P and Bonen A.
International Biochemistry of Exercise Conference, Muscles as Molecular and Metabolic Machines.Guelph University, Canada2009
Effectiveness of FAT/CD36, FABPpm,FATP1 and FATP4 on fatty acid transport and oxidation
Snook LA, Nickerson JG, Alkhateeb H, Jain SS, Benton CR, Nickerson J, Lally, J, Han XX, Glatz JFC, Chawbowski A, Luiken JJFP and Bonen A.
Ontario socities of exercise physiologyCanada2005
Complete insulin resistance in isolated soleus muscle induced by long term incubation with palmitate.
Alkhateeb H, Bonen A
Federation of american societies for experimental biologySan Diago, USA2005
Palmitate induces complete insulin resistance in isolated soleus muscle.
Alkhateeb H, Bonen A.
Canadian Federation of Biological SocietiesCanada2005
Fatty acid induced insulin resistance and its amelioration in isolated soleus muscle.
Alkhateeb H, Bonen A
20th International Conference on Herbals and Traditional MedicineIstanbul, Turkey6-7/9/2018
Oleuropein ameliorates palmitate-induced insulin resistance by increasing Glut4 translocation through activation of AMP-activated protein kinase in rat soleus muscles
Hakam AlkhateebLecturer