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AttachmentLatin American Journal of pharmacy
The influence of surfactants on drug release from a hydrophobic matrixM. Efentaks, H. Al-Hmoud, G. Buckton, Z. RajanInternational Journal of PharmaceuticsVolume 70 . Pages 153-158Elsevier1991
The influence of surfactants on drug release from acrylic matricesGraham Buckton, M. Efentakis, Hassan Alhmoud, Z. RajanInternational Journal of PharmaceuticsVolume 74 . Pages 169-174Elsevier1991
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Surfactants Solubility, Concentration and the other Formulations Effects on the Drug Release Rate From a Controlled-Release MatrixHassan Alhmoud, Nasser ElDin Ibrahim, Ehab I El-HallousArticle in African journal of pharmacy and pharmacologyVolume 8 . Page 364Academic Journals2014
Preperation of Controlled Release Tablets of Propranolol Hydrochloride Using Eudragit RL100 and Other ExcipientsHassan AlhmoudDirasat. Medical and biological sciencesVolume 29 . Pages 1-2Jordan University2002
The effect of surfactant charge on drug release from acrylic matricesHassan Alhmoud, M. Efentakis, G. BucKtonS.T.P Pharma SciencesVolume 2 . Pages 332-336Elsevier1992
The effect of surfactant above and below the critical micelle concentration (CMC) and the mathematical models used to determine the kinetics of drug release from the matrix systemHassan A AlhmoudAfrican Journal of Pharmacy and PharmacologyVolume 10 . Pages 88-94Academic Journals2016
Formulation of propranolol hydrochloride controlled release tablets: Effect of surfactant charge and mechanisms of drug releaseHassan A Alhmoud, Ehab I El-Hallous, Nasser E Ibrahim, Attia O Attia, ElDessoky S DessokyAfrican Journal of Pharmacy and PharmacologyVolume 8 . Pages 1110-1117Academic Journals2014
The Uses of Matrices in Drug Delivery: The Effect of Polymers On the Drug Release and the Kinetic ModelsHassan A AlhmoudInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Allied SciencesVolume 62017
The Effect of Polymers Composition on the Release of Drug From Controlled Release TabletsA ALHMOUD Hassan, H ALHMOUD DieaaLat. Am. J. PharmVolume 38 . Pages 323-82019
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effect of additives on flurbiprofen controlled release preparationsHassan AlhmoudActa PharamceticaVolume 36 . Pages 237-239Acta Pharm Technol1990
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Regulation of drug transmission within the matrices of different polymers and the models of drug deliveryHassan A. AlhmoudJournal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & ResearchVolume 102020