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Research Title
23rd European Modeling and Simulation SymposiumItaly2011
On the use of minimum-bias computer experimental design
Hamad H
SPIE: the International Society for Optical Engineering, Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XIV ConferenceUSA2010
High-speed 980nm VCSELs with integrated distributed losses for mode contro
AL-Omari A, Lear K, Hamad H
IEEE International Conference on Microelectronics UAE2008
Graphical model validation methods for analog and mixed-signal electronic circuits design
Hamad H, Al-Smadi  A, Ijjeh A
International Conference on Modeling and SimulationJordan2008
HOS- based model order estimation using the determinant of sub-matrices of the covariance matrix.
Al-Smadi A, Hamad H
IEEE 2006 Winter Simulation Conference USA2006
A new metric for measuring metamodels quality-of-fit for deterministic simulations
Hamad H
IEEE 2005 Winter Simulation ConferenceUSA2005
Two new subjective validation methods using data displays
Hamad H, Al-Hamdan S
Int'l Symp. Santa Caterina on Challenges in the Internet and Interdisciplinary ResearchItaly2003
Non-contact measurements using linear fringe patterns
Al-Hamdan S, Hamad H
International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical EngineeringSpain2016
A universal sign-language-to-voice translator
Alshaibani W, Megdadi A, Hamad H.
The 1st International Engineering Conference on New Advances in Engineering Research and their Impact on Engineering EducationJordan2014
Objective metamodel validation metrics: reducing sample-to-sample variations. 
Hamad H, AL-Omari A.