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Interpretability and variability of metamodel validation statistics in engineering system design optimization: a practical studyHamad H, Al-Zaben A, Oweis RInternational Journal of Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization5 A052014
Heart rate variability while listening to Quran recitationAl-Zaben A, Hamad H, Alfahoum A, Saefan WThe Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering  39: 1129-11332014
Telemetry design of a vital sign recording systemAl-Zaben A, Al-Refaie S, Hamad HJournal of Medical Systems 36:1059-10632012
Validation of metamodels in simulation: a new metricHamad HEngineering with Computers27:309-3172011
Space partitioning in piecewise metamodeling: a graphical approachHamad H, Al-Hamdan S, Al-Zaben AStructural and Multidisciplinary Optimization 41:441-4522010
Arma model order estimation of non-Gaussian process using the determinant of sub-matrices of a third order cumulants covariance matrixAl-Smadi A, Hamad HSystems Science 35(4):15-202009
Profile measurement using intensity-based saw-tooth structured light fringe patternsAl-Hamdan S, Hamad HAbhath Al-Yarmouk journal 2008
Discovering metamodels’ quality-of-fit via graphical techniquesHamad H, Al-Hamdan SEuropean Journal of Operational Research 178:543-5592007
Subjective validation methods for analog integrated circuits’ metamodels using graphical displays of dataHamad H, Al-Hamdan S, Altawil IInternational Journal of Electronics 94:223-2352007
Space partitioning in engineering design via metamodel acceptance score distributionHamad H, Al-Smadi AEngineering with Computers 23:175-1852007
Minimum bias metamodels in engineering system design. Hamad H, Al-Zaben A, Simsim M, Oweis R. International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation8: 227–236.2016
Piecewise Kriging metamodeling.  Hamad H, Ala'a Bani irshaid. International journal of systems applications, engineering & development9: 206-212.2015
Heart sounds segmentation utilizing Teager energy operator.  Oweis R, Hamad H, Shammout M. Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics 4: 1-12.2014