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​​I was born in Saudi Arabia in 1959.

I currently live in the beautiful city of Irbid with my wife Suhair and 5 kids: Mohammad, 1990: Civil Engineer; Ahmad, 1994: Medical Doctor; Salwa, 1996: College of Medicine at JUST; Hamza, 2000:  International Grand Academy; Abdel-Hadi, 2004:YU Model School.

I obtained my Tawjihi in 1977 and I ranked the first in Zarka district.  Afterwards, I spent about 20 years living abroad, including Saudi Arabia, France, England, and the USA. I received my B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University in 1984, M.Sc. in Device Electronics from Louisiana State University in 1985,and Ph.D. in Electronic Systems Engineering from the University of Essex, England, in 1995.  

I served as the vice dean of Hijjawi College of Engineering Technology during 2010-2012, and the chairman of the Electronic Engineering Department at Hijjawi College during 2009/2010.

I was on a sabbatical leave in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Jordan University of Science and Technology during 2008/2009. During 2012/2013, I was on a sabbatical leave at Umm Al-Qura University, where I was the acting chairman of the Electronics and Communications Enginginerring Department at the College of Engineering in Al-Lith. 

More information about my professional activities can be found in my CV in "Other Academic Activities" page.