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Using Mutation to Enhance GUI Testing CoverageIzzat AlsmadiIEEE software30(1), PP:67-73IEEE2013
Fast Arabic Query Matching for Compressed Arabic Inverted IndicesAmeen Al-Jedady,  Mohammed Al-Kabi,  Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of Database Theory and Application,Vol. 5, No. 4, 2012, pp. 81-94SERSC2012
Detecting Arabic Cloaking Web Pages Using Hybrid TechniquesHeider Wahsheh,  Mohammad Al-Kabi,  Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of Digital Contents and ApplicationsSERSC2012
Comparing Two Novelty Detection Models for Arabic Text Based on Sentence Level Information PatternsMohammed Al-Kabi,  Esraa AL-Sdaifat,  Emad Al-Shawakfa,  Abdullah Wahbeh,  Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern RecognitionVol. 5, No. 4, pp. 117-130.SERSC2012
Efficient Assessment and Evaluation for Websites Vulnerabilities Using SNORTMohammad Dabbour, Izzat Alsmadi, and Emad AlsukhniInternational Journal of Security and its Applicationsvol. 7, no. 1 , (2013), pp. 7-16SERSC2013
A link and Content Hybrid Approach for Arabic Web Spam DetectionHeider A. Wahsheh, Mohammed N. Al-Kabi, and Izzat AlsmadiI.J. Intelligent Systems and ApplicationsMECS2012
New Methods for DNA Sequence Similarity AnalysisMaryam Nuser., Izzat Alsmadi., Heba  SalemComputing and Information Systems Journal (CISJ)PP:26-33, Volume 16, Number 3.2013
Test cases reduction and selection optimization in testing web servicesIzzat Alsmadi and Sascha AldaInternational Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business (IJIEEB)V4, N5, 1-8MECS2012
The use of educational games for learning basic math skills in early classesSawsan Nusir, Izzat Alsmadi*, Mohammed Al-Kabi, and Fatima Sharadgah, International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments IJSMILE2012
Call Graph Based Metrics To Evaluate Software Design QualityHesham Abandah and Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of  Software Engineering and Its Applications IJSEIAvol. 7, no. 1, pp. 1-12SERSC2013
Toward Security Test Automation for Event Driven GUI Web ContentsIzzat Alsmadi, Ahmed AlEroud, IJCNIS, International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security PP.19-252012
Dispersion Based Prediction Framework for Estimating Missing Values in Wireless Sensor networksMohammed Alzamil, Samer Samarah, Ahmad Saifan and Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of sensor networks IJSNETVol 12, Number 32012
Related problems with the adoption of e-banking in JordanIzzat Alsmadi and Mohammad RamahiABHATH AL-YARMOUK: Basic Sci. & EngVol. 21, No. 1 pp. 1- 21.2012
Using Test Case Mutation to Evaluate the Model of the User InterfaceIzzat AlsmadiComputer Science Journal of Moldova (CSJM)vol.20, no.1(58)2012
Studying and Analyzing Students Web search Behaviors Within Three Jordanian UniversitiesAbdullah Wahbeh, Mohammed Al-Kabi, Majdi Maabreh, Izzat Alsmadi and Emad Al-Shawakfa, IJCEELL: Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning2013
Evaluation of Cost Estimation  Metrics: Towards a Unified TerminologyIzzat Alsmadi and Maryam NuserJournal of Computing and Information Technology2013
Video Spam and Public Opinion in Current Middle Eastern ConflictsIzzat Alsmadi, Mohammed Al-Kabi, Heider Wahsheh, and Bassima BassamInternational Journal of Social Network  Mining2013
Design and code  coupling assessment based on defects predictionArwa Abu Asad and Izzat AlsmadiComputer Science Journal of Moldova 2013
Implications for Websites Trust and Credibility Assessment Yahya Tashtoush, Aisha Zaidan and Izzat AlsmadiThe International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI)3(4)-17:332012
Using Test Case Mutation to Evaluate the Model of the User InterfaceIzzat AlsmadiComputer Science Journal of Moldova (CSJM)20-1-582012
Evaluating Software Complexity Based on Decision Coverage Mustafa Al-Hajjaji, Izzat Alsmadi, Samer SamarahInformatica Economică 16-1-20122012
Measuring Defect Datasets Sensitivity to Attributes VariationIzzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of  Software Engineering and Its Applications IJSEIA 6-2SERSC2012
Indexing of Arabic documents automatically based on lexical analysisAbdulrahman Al_Molijy, Ismail Hmeidi, and Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC)1-12012
A Survey of Impact and Citation Indices: Limitations and IssuesMajdi Maabreh,  Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, IJAST402012
The Effect of Stemming on Arabic Text Classification: An Empirical StudyAbdullah Wahbeh, Mohammed Al-Kabi, Qasem Al-Radaideh, Emad Al-Shawakfa, and Izzat AlsmadiInternational Journal of Information Retrieval Research (IJIRR)1-3-54:702011
Enhancing User Interface Testing Coverage Through MutationIzzat AlsmadiIEEE Software - PrePrintIEEE Computer Society2012
Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Detect Content-based Arabic Web SpamHeider Wahsheh, Iyad Abu Doush, Mohammed Al-Kab, Izzat Alsmadi and Emad Al-ShawakfaInternational Journal of Information Assurance and Security (JIAS)2012
Predicting software projects cost estimation based on mining historical dataHasan Najadat, Izzat Alsmadi and Yazan ShboulISRN Software EngineeringHINDAWI2012
Query Classification and Study of University Students Search TrendsMajdi Maabreh, Mohammed N. Al-Kabi, and Izzat AlsmadiProgram: electronic library and information systemsVol. 46 Issue 2, pp.220 – 241Emerald2012
Content Based Analysis to Detect Arabic Web SpamMohammed Al-Kabi, Heider Wahsheh, Izzat Alsmadi, Emad Al-Shawakfa,  Abdullah Wahbeh and Ahmed Al-Hmoud, Journal Of information science JIS2012
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