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1. Estimation of Finite Population Ratio Using Two Auxiliary Variables. Ala'  Bataineh.Survey sampling2012Published
2. A Calibration Approach for Estimating Variance in Survey Sampling. Mohammad Al-deges  Survey sampling2015Not Published
3. Penalized Chi-square distance and the dual calibration for estimating the population totalAhmad ElyassenSurvey Sampling2014Not Published
4. Penalized Chi-square distance and the dual calibration  of design weightsMazen Suliman.       Survey Sampling2015Not Published
5. A New Ratio Approach for Estimating the Population Using Auxiliary InformationAbdallah AljadeedSurvey Sampling2015Not Published
6.A New Ratio Family for Estimating the Finite Population  Variance.Mohammad Yahya AL-JamalPublished