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Synthesis and Characterization of [Fe(ButC5H4)(CO)2]2 and the S-bonded thiocarboxylate Derivatives and ReactionsM. El-KhatibInorganic ChemistryM. Elhinawi1989Published
Synthesis and Reactions of 1,3-tert-butyl-cyclopentadienyl Titanium(iv) Complexes S. KlaibInorganic ChemistryS. T. Abu-Orabi1990Published
Synthesis of 1, 2, 3-triazoles via 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Reactions of Organic Azides with Acetylenic CompoundsA. Al-Sheikh AliOrganic ChemistryS. T. Abu-Orabi1990Published
Synthesis and characterization of [Ru(ButC5H4)(CO)2]2[Ru(1,3-Bu2t-C5H3)(CO)2, S-bonded Thiocarboxylate derivatives of Ru(But-C5H4)(CO)2SCOR and Se-bonded selenocarboxylate derivatives of Ru(But-C5H4)(CO)2SeCOR H. Al-MasriInorganic ChemistryF. Esmadi1993Published
1, 3-Dipolar Cycloaddition reactions of substituted benzyl azides (1993) o U. Abu-Nimrah, Synthesis and characterization of ring substituted cyclopentadienyl iron selenocarboxylate complexes S. Al-ShahateetOrganic Chemistry1993Published
Synthesis and characterization of ring substituted cyclopentadienyl iron selenocarboxylate complexes U. Abu-NimrahInorganic Chemistry1993Published
Kinetics and mechanism of photolytic co. substitution reactions of cyclopentadienyl iron thiocarboxylate derivatives M. FawazInorganic ChemistryK. Tawarah1995Published
Synthesis study and reactions of isoxazoles and isoxazolines through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of aromatic nitric oxides L. Al-Momani Organic ChemistryS. T. Abu-Orabi1995Published
Synthesis study and reaction of 1, 2, 3-triazoles K. Abu-ShandiOrganic ChemistryS. T. Abu-Orabi1995Published
Reactions of complexed acid chlorides with organoiron Thio-and Seleno carboxylte derivativesJ. UmarInorganic Chemistry1997Published
Synthesis and characterization of organoiron chalcogen complexesA. AliInorganic Chemistry1996Published
Synthesis and reactivity of organo iron seleno-tere phthaloyl chloride ComplexZ. HamadahInorganic Chemistry1998Published
Organic transformation reactions of organo iron thio tereplethaloyl chloride complexE. Abdul-HadiInorganic Chemistry1998Published
Photolytic CO-Substitution Reactions of Organoiron Thiocarboxylate Derivatives with DiphosphinesH. BarakatInorganic ChemistryM. El-khateeb2001Published