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Assessment of trace element concentrations in wastewater, soil and vegetables in Zarqa River areaShayma A. Al-QaisiEnvironmental hydrology and ecology2012Not Published
Hydrogeology and water quality of springs in Wadi Kufanjeh Catchement, NW JordanShadi Z. Al-AzzamHydrogeology and environment  2012Not Published
Hydrology and Hydroclimatology and variations in wet spells in Amman-Zarqa Basin: its climatic significance and water management applications Khalil I. Al-WardatHydrology and climatologyDr. Abdullah Smadi2012Not Published
Assessment of Nitrate Levels in Raw Vegetables Irrigated by Wastewater in Zarqa River Area Sufian H. aljammalBeiologyDr. Ryadh Muhaidat2012Not Published