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Personal Details:


Khaled Qasem Saeed Bataineh

Date of Birth:

15 July, 1989



Marital Status:


Nationality :


Work Phone: 

+962 2 7211111 Ext 6872

Email Address:


2006 – 2007

·        High school (Tawjihi Certificate, with an average of 89.8%)

2007 – 2011

·        Yarmouk University – Jordan, Bachelor's Degree, Financial and Banking Sciences Excellent rating, cumulative average of 92% (Graduated in Jun. 2011),

2011 - 2013

·     Yarmouk University – Jordan Master's Degree, Financial and Banking Sciences Excellent rating, cumulative average of 90.5 % (Graduated in Aug. 2013). 

Research interest:

 Risk Management, Financial Markets, International Finance, Corporate Finance.


·         Master Thesis

Bataineh, Khaled Qasem.  (Cost of Equity and Risk in Cash Flow and Accrual Components of Earnings: The Case of Amman Stock Exchange 2000-2010). Master of Finance and Banking Sciences Thesis. Department of Finance and Banking Sciences, Yarmouk University, 2013 (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Moh’d Mahmoud Ajlouni).

             In-process paper to be published

Ajlouni, Moh’d and Bataineh, Khaled.  (Effect of Risks in Earnings Components on Cost of Equity: Evidence from Jordan)




·      International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference, organized by the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee, May 9-13, 2016, Miami, Florida, USA.


·      Best Paper Award in the International Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Conference for the paper co-authored by Prof. Dr. Moh’d Mahmoud Ajlouni (Effect of Risks in Earnings Components on Cost of Equity: Evidence from Jordan).

Standardized Tests: 

       Combined GRE score of 290: 136 Verbal Reasoning, 154 Quantitative Reasoning, 2.5 Analytical Writing. 


·      Listed on the Department of Banking and Finance (Yarmouk University) honor list for 6 semesters during my undergraduate study.

Working Experience:


Type of Job &/Place


Sept. 2014 to present

Full-time Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

-I taught many courses for undergraduate students, such as Principles of Managerial Finance, Fundamentals of Investing, Financial Markets and Institutions, and Special Topics in Finance.

May 2014- Sept  2014


Senior Registration Assistant, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Irbid, Jordan

1. Assist in the Registration Process for refugees and other persons of concern.

2. Assist in monitoring the refugee situation including refugee movements in the camp and elsewhere.

3. Update database for registration.

4. Provide statistics and data analysis as required.

5. Collaborate with partners in charge of distribution of Non-food Items (NFIs) and FIs.

6. Draft routine correspondence and reports.

7. Act as interpreter and translator when needed.

8. Perform other duties as required.


July 2013- May 2014

Registration Assistant, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Irbid, Jordan

1. Counsel individual asylum-seekers and refugees to be able to meet their expectations on protection, assistance and durable solutions.

2. Identify vulnerable asylum-seekers and refugees.

3. Prepare detailed records of counseling sessions and follow-up on individual cases.

4. Conduct registration interviews, maintain registration and counseling database and provide regular input on daily actions specified above.

5. Ensure quality and integrity of information captured at registration, notably through peer review of registered cases and follow up with respective functional units.

6. Ensure constant and accurate upkeep of data (physical and electronic) to reflect status of persons of concern by checking that all ProGres data fields are filled in properly. Manage and update refugee files as necessary.

7. Compile periodic registration statistical reports and circulate them to all concerned parties, including external parties. Analyze data to ensure data quality and integrity, and report trends and issues as required.

8. Participate in support missions to field offices.

9. Draft routine correspondence based on instructions provided by the supervisor or based on background information available on office files.

10. Act as interpreter and translator when needed.

Feb 2012- May 2013

Teaching and Research Assistant, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Yarmouk University. Jordan/ Irbid

1. Support undergraduate learning through a variety of activities including direct teaching, one-to-one and small-group activities, tutoring, conducting problem-solving sessions, overseeing and encouraging the use of the university learning resources including printed, audio-visual and computer-based equipment, and such other learning support methods and materials  

2. Contribute to educational activity, including assessment of student work assigned by the course instructor, attend relevant meetings, and assist with the development of learning materials, and conduct revision lectures.

3. Gather data for Professors' researches and carry out some analysis.

Training Experience:

·        1.  Head of many initiatives to develop the local community as a representative of Yarmouk University, such           as: visit orphanages and nursing homes (2015-2016). 

·         2. New instructors' training, (Yarmouk University, 2014). 

·         3. LGBTI training, (UNHCR, 2014).

·         4. Protection and community services training, (UNHCR, 2014).

·         5. Many sessions about refugees and humanitarian work, (UNHCR, 2013-2014).

·         6. Security and safety certificates, (UNHCR 2013).   

·         7. Volunteer with a university team to develop the society in northern Jordan, ( Yarmouk University, 2012).

·         8. Managerial skills certificate from Yarmouk University, (Yarmouk University, 2011).

·         9. Project "the availability of job vacancies in the local community", (USAID, Jordan 2006).


IT Skills

  Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.

  Very Good financial practitioner in financial Excel.

  Good in SPSS and E-Views statistical Programs.


·         Arabic: Mother Language.

·         English: Very Good  (read/write) and good (speak).


   v  Available upon request.