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Magnetization Measurements on Fe-Doped Y-Based SuperconductorsKhasawinah, Kh., El-Ali, A. and AyoubAbhath Al-Yarmouk Journal Pure Science and Engineering SeriesVol.17,No1.B2008
Radon measurements in caves and houses in Umm- Qais, JordanKhasawinah, Kh. and Abumurad ,K. MAbhath Al-Yarmouk Journal Pure Science and Engineering SeriesVol.17,No.22008
Magnetic Properties of Barium  Ferrite-Barium Titanate CompositesK.Khasawinah,Y.A.Hamam,A.Al Ali (AL-Dairy)Jordan Journal of Physics Vol 1,Number 22008
Fractional Simple Harmonic Oscillator Rousan, A. A., Ayoub, N. Y. and Khasawinah, KhInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics202007
Effect of Iron Addition on     the Magnetization Measurements on the Normal State of Y123 Superconducting SystemKhasawinah, Kh., El-Ali, A.and Hamam, YAbhath Al-Yarmouk:Basic Sciences and EngineeringVol.17,No.1A2008
Assessment of background radiation dose due to radon in Kharja village, Irbid Governorate, Jordan.Khasawinah, Kh. and Abumurad, K. MAbhath Al-Yarmouk Journal Pure Science and Engineering SeriesVol.16,No.12007
Critical Current Enhancement  by Iron Doping in Y1Ba2Cu3O7- Superconducting System El-Ali, A. and Khasawinah, KhAbhath Al-Yarmouk Journal Pure Science and Engineering SeriesVol.17,No.22008
Partial Substitution Effects on the Structure and Electrical Properties of High Temperature Superconduting System Bi2-x Tlx Ba2-ySryCa2 Cu3 O10+δEL ALi (ALDairy),A.D.Alawazawi,Y.A.Hamam and K.KhasawinahJordan Journal of PhysicsVol 1,Number 12008
Fractional Simple Harmonic OscillatorRousan, A. A., Ayoub, N. Y. and Khasawinah, KhInternational Journal of Applied MathematicsInternational Journal of Applied Mathematics2007
Effect of Gamma     Irradiation on the Superconducting properties of TlBa2Ca2Cu3Ox TapesEl-Ali, A., Albiss, B. A. and Khasawinah, KhPhys. Stat. Sol. (c)1, Issue 7 1928-1934        2004
Effect of Gamma irradiation on Polycrystalline Tl1Ba2Ca2 Cu3Oy SuperconductorAlbiss, B.A., El-Ali, A., Khasawineh, Kh., Hasan, M. K. (Qaseer), Al-Omari, I.A., Azez, K. A. and Shobaki, JPhysica B 321:324-3272002
The paramagnetic Contribution in the Magnetization behavior of       Y1-xGdxBa2Cu3O7El-Ali, A., Azez, K. A., Al-Omari, I.A., Shobaki, J., Hasan, M. K. (Qaseer), Albiss,B. A., Khasawineh, Kh., Ziq, Kh. A. and Salem, A. FPhysica B321: 320-3232002
Dissipative Behavior in The Mixed State of Tl-2223 SuperconductorShobaki, J., Hasan, M.K., Khasawneh, Kh., Albiss, B.A.,  Obaidat, S. and  Al- omariiSupercond. Sci. Technol13: 909-9112000
Effect of Thermal Conductivity of Absorber Plate on the Performance of a Solar Water HeateShariah, A., Rousan,A. A., Rousan, Kh. K. and Ahmed, AApplied Thermal Engineering19: 733-7411999
Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Fe60 Ni40 Alloy Films Mahmood ,S. H., Rousan, Kh. K., Lehlooh, A. and Mahmoud, S. SSolid State Communications95(12): 879-8821995
Allene-d4: Analysis of the v5/v2+v7 BandsPliva, J. and Rousan, KJ. Mol.  Spe1291988
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The Perpendicular C-  D Stretching Band v8of Allene-d4Pliva, J., Rousan, K., Merchan, A., and Polo, S.RJ. Mol. Spec991983