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Image Encryption Method Based on Using Least Square Error Techniques at the Decryption StageAl-khassawenehInternational Journal of Information and Computer Security42011
Recent Patents and Publications on Digital WatermarkingAl-khassawenehRecent Patents on Computer Science2011
The Relationship between two Directed Information MeasuresAl-khassawenehIEEE Signal Processing LettersIEEE2008
Design and Analysis of A Real-Time Bus Queuing and Monitoring SystemAl-khassaweneh etc.Abhath Al-Yarmouk: Basic Sci and Eng2010
Precise and Accurate Decimal Number Recognition Using Global Motion EstimationAl-khassaweneh etc.
Shift and Scale Invariant Recognition of Printed NumeralsAl-khassaweneh etc.Journal of Abhath Al-Yarmouk for Basic Science and Engineering2012
Asthma Attack Monitoring and Diagnosis: A Proposed SystemAl-khassaweneh etc.2012
A Hybrid System of Iris and Fingerprint Recognition for Security ApplicationsAl-khassaweneh etc.2012