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​​Dr. Al-khassaweneh is full time Associate Professor in the Computer Engineering department at Yarmouk  University- Jordan. He was the Assistant Dean for the Deanship of graduate studies and scentific research (2012 to 2014).  His major research areas include but not limited to: multimedia security, digital rights management, watermarking, and information theory applications.
    Previous development of multimedia security techniques has shown promising results, and there are still a lot of open research issues. In this direction, Dr. Al-khassaweneh has developed a high capacity information hiding technique surviving most attacks. This method embeds the information bits in the local autocorrelation domain of the image and can be used for data hiding, which has many security applications. The results are forthcoming as part of various scholastic publications.  Moreover, Dr. Al-khassaweneh is pursuing a project on image encryption based on using least square error techniques. In addition, Dr. Al-khassaweneh has a collaboration research project with Dr. Aviyente  from Michigan State University of applying information theoretic measures on brain signals.






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Dr. Al-khassaweneh is  Session Chair at the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, Malaysia, 201212/19/2012