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Seven new species to the flora of JordanBoulos, L.; Jallad, W. and LahhamBot.      Notiser  Vol.128.368-3701975
Kickxia  azraqensis (Scrophulariaceae), species nova  Boublos, L. and LahhamCandollea278-2801977
On the desert flora  north-east of  AqabaBoulos, L. and LahhamCandollea32:81-921977
On the flora of the vicinity of the  Aqaba gulf Boulos, L. and LahhamCandollea32:73-801977
On the desert flora of the area H-4 and H-5 pumping  stations, N.E. Jordan.   Boulos, L.; Lahham, J. and Jallad, W.Candollea32:255-280.1977
Lichens from the northern part of JordanEl-Oqlah, A. and Lahham, JNova Hedwegia42:201-2051985
Mosses from the northern part of JordanEl-Oqlah, A. and Lahham, JCandollea40(1):147-1521985
A checklist of  vascular  plants of Ajlun Mountain (Jordan) El-Oqlah, A. and Lahham, JCandollea40(2):376-3871985
Additions to the lichen flora of JordanEl-Oqlah, A., Hawksworth, D.L. and Lahham, JCandollea41(1) :69-731986
Selenium in plants and soil of the northern part of the northern part of Jordan valleyAbu-Reish, G. and Lahham J. Arid Environments1-71987
Common  lichens of Jordan    Lahham, J. and El-Oqlah, AJournal of Biological     Research,  Iraq Puplication N0:81986
Pollen morphology of Jordanian Zygophyllaceae   Lahham, J. and Al-Eisawi, D.Candollea41(2):325-3281986
Floristic analysis of Ajlun Mountain flora (Jordan). Lahham, J. and El-Oqlah, A.Mitt. Bot. Staatssamml. Munchen 23:345-3531987
Pollen morphology of Jordanian CruciferaeLahham, J.N. and Al-Eisawi, DMitt Bot. Staatssamml. Munchen 23: 355-3751987
Pollen morphology of Jordanian Lactucoideae (Compositae-Asteraceae) Lahham, J.N. and Sadeq, R.Journal of Palynology Vol.28:23-4O1992
Pollen morphology of Jordanian EuphorbiaceaeLahham, J.N. and Abu Eida, R.Journal of Abhath Al-YarmoukVol.3,No. l:79-1001994
Pollen morphology of Jordanian Anthemideae  (Asteraceae)Lahham , J.N. and Taha,NJournal  of Abhath Al-YarmoukVol..4,No.l : 9-21 1990
A new diterpene  ester from Euphorbia aleppicaYang-Ping Shi, Zhong-jian Jia, Wang Li, Saleh Sadiq and Lahham JamilChemical Research in Chineese UniversitiesVol. 10. No. (4) 335-338.1994
Pentacyclic diterpene  ester from Euphorbia aleppicaYang-Ping Shi, Zhong-jian Jia, Lahham Jamil and Saleh Sadiq Phytochemistry Vol. 40. No. (4 ) 1219-12211995
Ingenane diterpene  from Euphorbia petiolata Yang-Ping Shi, Zhong-jian Jia, Bin Ma, Saleh Sadiq and Lahham JamilPlanta medica 62: 260-26262: 260-2621995
Four esters of  a new pentacyclic diterpene of the myrsinol type from Euphorbia petiolata21. Li Yang, Yang-Ping Shi, Zhong-jian Jia, Saleh Sadiq and Lahham JamilJournal of  Natural ProductsVol. 58 (12): 1883-18881996
A new Ingenol Ester from Euphorbia petiolata22. Yang-Ping Shi, Bin Ma, Zhong-jian Jia, Lahham Jamil and Saleh Sadiq Chinese Chemical Letters Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 439- 440.Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 439- 440.1996
An anatomical study on the leaf blades of Pistacia atlantica Desf. And Pistacia palaestina Bioss. Lahham, J.N. and El-Oqlah, AMu’tah Journal for Research and StudiesVol.1:243-2591997
Major clade determination in Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae: the contribution of molecular dataDownie, S.R., G.M. Plunkett, M. F. Watson, K. Spalik, D.S. Katz-Downie, K.M. Valiejo-Roman, E.I. Terentiera, M.G. Pimenow, A.V. Troitsky, B.Y. Lee, and J. LahhamEdinburgh Journal of Botany.58:301-330.Edinburgh Journal of Botany.58:301-330.2003
Effects of  Artemisia sieberi Besser (A. herba-alba)on Heart rate & some hematological values in normal & alloxan-induced diabetic ratsMansi,K&Lahham,JJournal of basic and applied biological sciences Volume 4:No.2:83-88.2008
An ecosystematic study of a semi-arid ecotone in northern JordanJamil Lahham & Gharaibeh,MThe  Arab Journal for Arid Environments . Vol.2 :1-14. Vol.2 :1-14.2009
Characterization of Quercus Species Distributed in Jordan Using Molecular Markers Mohammad S. Jawarneh, Mohammad H. Brake, Riad Muhidat, Hussein M. Migdadi, Jamil N. Lahham, and Ahmad Ali El-OqlahInternational Conference on Applied Life Sciences (ICALS2012). Turkey2012
Regeneration & assessment of genetic fidelity of the endangered tree Moringa peregrina ( Forsk. ) Fiori using inter simple sequence repeat . Wesam Al khateeb, Eman  Bahar , Jamil  Lahham , Dana Schroeder & Emad HusseinPhsiology & Molecular Biology Of Plants Vol.19,No.1:157-1642013
Response Of Three Accessions Of Aegilops crassa Boiss. And Durum Wheat To Controlled DroughtAmal M. Harb and Jamil N. LahhamJordan Journal Of Biological Sciences . Accepted For Publication. 2013