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Research Title
Human Resource Development in the Tourism and Hotel IndustryEgypt March 27-29,2000
Tourism and Hospitality Education In Jordan
Magablih, KhalidPresenter
54th international conference on SMEs in tourismJordanSeptember ,20-23 , 2004
The role of SMEs in the sustainable development in Jordan's Tourism
Magablih, Khalidpresenter
1st Social Scineces conferences / ASUJordan 2003
Potentials of developing regional tourism among Arab Countries
Magablih, Khalidpresenter
Higher Education in the Arab World YemenNovember 27-29, 2004
The Role of Higher Education in Promoting
     Sustainable Tourism among Arab Countries
Magablih, Khalid presenter
3rd international Jordan December 7-11, 2004
The Role of RSCN in Developing and
     Promoting Sustainable Ecotourism in Jordan
Magablih, Khalid presenter
Achievements and CreativityJordan March 15-16, 2005
Potentials of developing tourism and hospitality
     Education in Jordan
Magablih, Khalidpresenter
Achievements and CreativityJordanMarch 15-16, 2005
Employee Satisfaction in the hospitality Industry in Jordan
Magablih, KhalidPesenter
Potential of Developing Jerash as a Tourist AttractionJordanAugust 7,2007
Challenges of tourism development in Jerash
Magablih, KhalidPresenter
challenges for higher education : The case of travel, tourism , and hospitality studiesLebanonFebruarty 29- March 3, 2008
Total Quality Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Education
Magablih, KhalidPresenter
1st Gulf Tourism & Community ForumSaudi ArabiaApril 21-23, 2008
The Joradanian Experience in tourism and hospitality education
Magablih, KhalidPresenter
Traditions and Transformations / Leeds metropolitan University, U.KJordan April 4-7, 2009
Potentials of developing sustainable tourism in the Jordanian Badia
Magablih, KhalidPresenter
Traditions and Transformations /Leeds metropolitan University, U.KJordanApril 4-7, 2009
Developing and Promoting aqaba as a capital for domestic shopping Tourism
Magablih, Khalid and Hani AbdulhameedPresenter
Traditions and Transformations / Leeds metropolitan University, U.KJordanApril 4-7, 2009
USLE and GIS Management for Dibeen Nature Reserve in Jordan
Alshorman , Abdulla and Khalid MagablihPresenter
ASPnet desertification conference / UNESCOJordanMay 26-27,2009
The potentials of developing tourism in the Jordanian desert
Magablih, KhalidPresenter
6th world conference for graduate research in tourism, hospitality, and leisureTurkeyApril 23-29, 2012
Developing and promoting Domestic Shopping Tourism at Aqaba/Jordan
Magablih, KhalidPresenter