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Interpretation Strategies Followed by Tourist Guides in JordanMagablih, Khalid ; Lutfi Khalil; and Muna Abu SalehTranslation Studies in the New Millennium 8Bilkent University- Turkey2012
Attractiveness of Tourism Investment in Irbid GovernorateMagablih, KhalidJournal of Arab University Association
Image of Jordan as a tourist Destination: the case of Arab touristsMagablih, Khalid,  , ,  Dirasat38(1) : 65-80.Jordan University 2010
USLE and GIS Management for Dibeen Nature Reserve in JordanMagablih, Khalid and Abdulla Al ShormanJournal of Tourism10(2).2010
Child Labor in the Jordanian Tourism IndustryMagablih, Khalid and Mahmod NamnehTourism Analysis Journal 2010
The Role of Hotel Staff in Developing Quality Tourism Services in Petra/ JordanMagablih, Khalid and Adnan Shiab
Sport Tourism development in the Golden Tourism Triangle Magablih, KhalidJournal of Arab University Association (Art Faculties).
Tourism Education Quality in Jordan: A Conceptual ApproachMagablih, Khalid   and Rafa' Haddad Abhath Al Yarmouk25 (3) :623-6332009
Measuring Employee Satisfaction in a Sample of Jordanian Hotels: An Explanatory study  Magablih, Khalid and Hani Abdul HameedEgyptian Journal of Tourism studies1/2 (8)
The Physical Carrying Capacity of the Historical Site of Petra magablih, Khalid and Abdulla Alshorman Tourism Analysis13(5/6) : 511-5152009
Role of Sustainable Tourism in Poverty Alleviation and Curbing Unemployment in MadabaMagablih, KhalidAbhath Al Yarmouk 23(2)YU2007
Dimensions of Women Participation in the Jordanian Tourism IndustryMagablih, KhalidAbhath Al Yarmouk 22(1): 95-122Yu2006
            A principal Components and GIS-Based Tourism Index for Jordan Alshorman , Abdulla and Khalid MagablihTourism Analysis10:377-3842005
Promoting Domestic Tourism in Developing Countries: An analytical Study of Jordan’s Experiment from the Point of View of a Group of Jordanian Tourists in PetraMagablih, Khalidabhath AlYarmouk32(3): 475-486YU2006
Evaluation of the Nature and Dimensions of Domestic Tourism in the Golden Tourism Triangle: A Survey of a Selected Sample of Jordanian Tourists Magablih, KhalidMu’tah Journal for Research and Studies20(1): 75-95MU2005
How Tourist Guides in Jordan Evaluate Their Educational Programs Magablih, KhalidDirasat31(1): 135-150JU2004
Management and Development of Tourist Sites in Jordan Using Geographic Information System,  Information Technology and Tourism,.(first author)Magablih, Khalid and Abdulla AlshormanInformation Technology and Tourism  6, 4 : 287-2952004
Excursion in Jordan: An Exploration of Visitors of Some Tourist Attractions in the Northern RegionMagablih, KhalidDirasat30(2): 358-373JU2003
Nature of Health Tourism in Jordan: A survey of Non – Jordanian Tourist PatientsMagablih, KhalidAbhath Al Yarmouk19(2):1027-1051YU2003
Nature and Prospects of Educational Tourism in Jordan: An Analytical Field Study on A Sample of Non- Jordanian Students At Jordanian UniversitiesMagablih, KhalidAbhath Al Yarmouk19(2A): 767-763YU2003
Nature and Scope of Tourism Investment in JordanMagablih, KhalidIrbid Journal for Research and Studies4:2:147-178Irbid National University  2002
Evaluation of the Hotel  Education in Jordan, A Case Study of Applied Science  University Magablih, KhalidJordan's Journal of Applied Sciences5(2): 25-40 ASU2002
Service Quality in the Hotel Industry of JordanMagablih, KhalidMu'tah17(7): 263-286MU2002
Ecotourism in Jordan; Reality and AmbitionMagablih, KhalidMu'tah17(5): 89-110MU2002
Role of Female Employees in the Hotel Industry of JordanMagablih, KhalidAl Edari, 83: 181-        2102000