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BA 498 Symposium


The course is basically based on conducting an elementary basic or applied research related to local business organizations. This course is intended for graduating students in their final year or semester. The research can be conducted individually or in-groups of no more the three students. The course aims at enabling students to experience the scientific research process and acquiring primary skills in field study including data gathering, data analysis, theory and practice. Moreover, the course aims at enhancing the students’ skills of independent thinking, solving problems and developing analytical skill. Hence students will take responsibility in selecting the research topic, designing the research proposal, formulating research questions or hypotheses, research framework, methodology, research design, and the implementation of the research plan. This course aims at developing teamwork and cooperation among students who choose to conduct their research collectively. It aims also at developing the presentation skill as each student is going to present his research in a seminar-like style towards the end of the semester.

Academic Year

2019- till now


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