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Personal Information : 

DR: Marcelle Jwaniat

Citizenship : JORDANIAN

Email Add :

Contact No : 00962 79 5652204​ 


 PHD Degree Mass Communication & Media؛Lebanon University “very good” Thesis is Trends press for women's political participation.

 Master Degree Mass Communication & Media؛ Yarmouk University “very good” Thesis is Jordan’s daily press coverage of CEDAW convention 2012 to 2014 A content analysis

 B.A, Business Administration؛Philadelphia University “Honors degree in specialization”.

 Writer at addustour newspaper

 Trainer& Adviser (Media, youth affairs, Dialogue, Citizenship, Human Rights, woman affairs, Initiatives).

Work Experiences:

 Full-time lecturer at Yarmouk University “Mass communication”

 Assistant professor at Khwarizmi Technical University College, B.A Degree.” Mass communication”

 Company  : Public Sector 

 JobTitle : Researcher &Trainer​

Part Time Work Experiences:​ 

- Trainer & Adviser (Media, youth affairs, Dialogue, Citizenship, Human Rights, woman affairs, Initiatives). 2010 
- Researcher & trainer at Amman Center for Human Rights Studies. 2011 - Volunteer at Catholic Center for Studies and Media. 2013 - Swasana newspaper 2015

Previous Researcher:​ 

- The Level of The Jordanian University Students’ Satisfaction at the Role of Social Media in General Affairs in Governmental Developmental Institutions to Make them Aware of the Goals of these Institutions (2021).


 - The problem of diversity and its impact on the social fabric and citizenship in Jordan. (Digital Media$ traditional media)( 2021)

 - The problem of teaching media in Arab Universities "The University of Jordan is a Model".

- Trends of the Jordanian daily Newspapers in covering the political participation of women.

 - Jordan’s daily press coverage of CEDAW convention 2012 to 2014 A content analysis. 

 - Development of agricultural stations to serve the local community in the DISI area "a model of Rural Women ". 

- The role of rural Women in food security projects. - Tolerance and dialogue lead to end the conflict in Syria. 

 - Managing crises during working pressures on women in the public sector. 

- The Influence of the media and globalization on national identity 

- How to promote a culture of volunteerism among students. 

- The role of local Arab community radio stations in enhancing community security. 

- Al-HUSON City is an example of religious coexistence.

Training Courses:

- Arab fellowship Program, KAICIID Center for Dialogue of Religions and Cultural Diversity. 

- Creative Entrepreneurship Program ( Manchester university& An nalind foundation). 

- Monitoring and Evaluation Training Course. 

- TOT KAICIID Center. - TOT Kansas Academy. 

- Participation and prepare lectures in public affairs and leadership skills of woman. 

- Participating in the rehabilitation program graduates to work in the media market JMI. 

- Training on analysis and policy-making.

- SPSS Analyst.

- Training course at Jordan News Agency (Petra) Comprehensive press.

- Jordan Media Institute: Coverage of human rights violations

- Jordan. Institute for Women Leadership. 

- Total Quality Management. 

- Industrial Risk Assessment and Management 

- IPT. - English Course at Modern Languages Center. 

- English Course at International Service Partners.

- English Course at British Council.​​​