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Financial Accounting 101
Basic Concepts, types of organizations, the double-entry, accounting system, the accounting cycle, merchandising operations, transactions and journals, fraud internal control and cash, preparation of financial statements.
Second Term 2014/2015
Financial Accounting 102
Inventories and cost of goods sold, accounting treatment relating to long term assets, short-term liabilities, introduction to partnership accounting and Corporations accounting.
Second Term 2014/2015
AttachmentIntermediate accounting 201
Conceptual framework, measurements of the elements of financial statements, accounting information system, income statement, correction of errors, disclosures of changes in accounting methods, financial position statement, cash flow statement.
First Term 2015/2016
AttachmentIntermediate accounting 202
accounting for investments, Revenue measurement and recognition and income determination, accounting for leases, accounting for and reporting of equity section. applications of the international accounting standards. 
First Term 2015/2016
AttachmentCost Accounting 331
Introduction to cost accounting, cost behavior, cost-volume-profit analysis, cost classification, job order costing, process costing,  income statement of manufacturing companies.
First Term 2016/2017
AttachmentCost Accounting 431
Second Term 2016/2017
Managerial Accounting 432
First Term 2017/2018
International Accounting 411
First Term 2018/2019