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The impact of foreign capital on economic developmentriad AlmomaniAbhath Alyarmouk3Yarmouk University1987
External Debt Burden and the Jordanian EconomyRiad AlmomaniALmustaqbal Alarabi124Lbanon1989
The Functions of the State at the Early Islamic EraRiad AlmomaniAbhath Alyarmouk5, No.4Yarmouk University1989
Military Expenditures and Economic Development in JordanRiad Almomani and Fawzi AlqateebAbhath Alyarmouk6Yarmouk University1990
The Impact of Public Expenditures on GNP in Jordan Riad Almomani and Naser SheraydehJournal of Economic Research3Lybia1991
Government expenditures and Economic DevelopmentRiad AlmomaniMutah Journal for Research and Studies7Mutah University1992
Jordan,s External Debt: Causes and Economics ImpactsRiad AlmomaniJournal of Administartive Sciences7King Saud University1995
Manufacturing Sector in JordanRiad AlmomaniAbhath Alyarmouk12Yarmouk University1996
The Impact of Technological Change in the Jordanian Oil Refinery CompanyRiad AlmomaniMutah Journal for Research and Studies11Mutah University1996
The Determinants of Private Consumption Expenditures: the case of JordanRiad AlmomaniJournal of Administartive Sciences8King Saud University1996
dual-Gap Economic Model Analysis: The Case of JordanRiad AlmomaniAbhath AlyarmoukYarmouk University1996
The Economic Poverty in IslamRiad AlmomaniAbhath AlyarmoukYarmouk University1996
Monopoly Between Islamic Jurisprudence and Capitalist SystemRiad AlmomaniJournal of Faculty of Shari,a Law and Islamic Studies14Qatar University1997
The Impact of Foreign Capital on Jordan,s Balance of TradeRiad AlmomaniMutah Journal for Research and Studies3Mutah University1988
Foreign Capital Inflow, Consumption, and Economic GrowthRiad AlmomaniJournal of Administartive SciencesKing Saud University1991
Income distribution in JordanRiad AlmomaniJournal of Economic Research6Lybia1994-1995
Government Expenditures and the Balance of Payment in JordanRiad AlmomaniJournal of Cairo UniversityCairo University2003
Imports of Intermediate goods and thei effect on Jordan,s Manufactoring SectorRiad Almomani,Manhal Shoter, Waleed HumeidatScintific Journal of Economics and CommerceAin Shams University2003
Globalization Impacts on Islamic CountriesRiad AlmomaniHigher Institute of Islamic ThoughtChapter in a bookDar Alrazi2008
Foreign Exchange Risk Management Techniques in the Jordanian EnviorementRiad Almomani and Mohammad AlgaraibehJournal of DerivativesPalgrave Macmillan, England2011
The Possibility of avoiding the World Economic Crisis: Islamic EviewRiad AlmomaniBookHigher Institute of Islamic Thought2012
The World Financial and Economic Crisis: An Ethical PerespectiveRiad Almomani and Seham AlmomaniKaslik University-ConferenceKaslick University-Lebanon 2014